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Panther Claws





Sakura Asama

S-Class Mages

Keiko Sensei


Legal Guild




The guild is located in the middle of a town.


The building are really big, it is a large, old-style Japanese there is a dojo too so the mages can train and go for a work.There are differents floor in there, the firs floor is where like a bar where the mage can talk, have fun and eats, another floor , the Dojo, where all the mages train martial arts, fighting style and self defense. There are rooms also, for the mage who sleeps there.


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After a long Journey all the members met together and decide to make a guild, so Lanhua asked her mother Sakura to create it, and Sakura is the Master. Yuuta said that his house was available, so they decided to make his house the base. He didn't said that the house was infected by monsters and demons, After that Sakura found out the truth Sakura and the demons did a reunion, at the and all live in the house, the mages and the demons.


Sakura has a meeting with the demons


The guild is characterized by Combat, Respect and Fun.

Sakura and Keiko Sensei are the teacher of martial arts, combat and self defens, that make all the member of the guild expert fighter, hand to hand combat and swordsmanship specialists. The combine magic and fight together to form a new fighting style. Often they make a tournament to determinate who is the stronger fighter and mage.

All the member are respectful to each other, and to the guild master. Even if the guild is about discipline, it can be fun too, and there can be rivalry between the mages , there are many group in the guild and you can go in a work in group, the guild is needed, to become strong, nobody have to feel lonely, there are always friend to support you, that make this a strong guild.


Name Rank Team Status
Sakura Asama Master None Active
Keiko Sensei S-class mage None Active
Matt S-class Mage None Active
Tyler S-class Mage None Active
Akane S-class Mage None Active
Lanhua Asama Mage None Active
Sarah Mage None Active
Morty Mage None Active
Falcon Mage None Active
Yuuta Mage None Active
Matilda Mage None Active
Sebastian Mage/butler None Active
Rouge and Tulipan Mage None Active
Lori Torigaya Mage None Active
Sophia S-class mage/Maid None Active
Rose-Marie Mage/Maid None Active
Makoto Mage/maid None Active
Odette Mage/Maid None Active
Mimi Mage/Maid None Active
Kenjiro Mage None Active
Karen Mage None Active
Sadao Mage None Active


  • Morty had the idea for the guild mark.
  • Almost all the members can use weapons, katana, or fight.
  • Many mages of Panther Claws have darkness magic, or Take Over magic.
  • The demons in Panther Claws guild can't go out of the house, they all live in the guild, and are friendly and communicate with the mages.
  • One of the secret of Panther Claws are the monsters who lives in the house.
  • If you would like a Mage of yours to join this guild, just ask Morty16, either on his talk page or in the comments below. Please provide a link to the Mage, thanks.
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