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Paper Blizzard Violet Dance
Paper Blizzard: Violet Dance



Kami Fubuki Murasaki no Mai

Parent Magic

Paper Magic



Paper Blizzard: Violet Dance(紙吹雪紫の舞い, Kami Fubuki Murasaki no Mai) Is a spell used in Paper Magic.


When in use, the caster shows to augment the color of their paper to purple, creating a unique construct that they make by adding their Eternano with it, and making it into what is known as a adhesive. To use this spell, the caster must augment the Eternano to condense upon contact with any other outside source of Eternano, which is often found on any mage with magic. Once the paper sticks to the opponent, the Eternano releases the adhesive in through the sweat glands of the skin, creating a paralyzing agent that can be controlled remotely by the user, allowing them to bind their opponents, restricting them of being able to do anything the more the paper stays on them. Some users often refer to this paper color as the God of Binding, hence the ability it has. However, despite it's usefulness, there are certain weaknesses to this magic that have been shown when it is in use. In order to keep the binding under control, the user must not allow any single one of the papers to be removed, else their hold on the opponent weakens more. The second risk to this is that if the users themselves get caught in this spell, they will become immobilized, making them unable to move as well until the user cancels the effects of the magic.

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