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Paper Shield
Paper Shield




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Paper Magic



Paper Shield(紙盾, Kamitate) is a spell of Paper Magic.


While using Paper Magic, the user has been shown to be able to augment the multiple pieces of paper that they have depending on how they change the density of each slip. To use it, the user starts by adding multiple slips of paper together, creating a shape of what appears to be a shield as the user then changes the color of the paper to Grey, which causes some people to refer this to as the God of Protection, and when the user solidifies the paper with Eternano to create a defensive barrier that is strong enough to take on powerful spells. However, despite it's incredible durability and powerful strength, it shows to have some weaknesses to it as well. It is seen that with enough physical force added with a spell, the shield can be destroyed much easier. It is also seen that although it can appear to be solid, it is still paper, and with enough heat or cutting strength the opponent has, it can burn up or be shredded with ease.

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