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To take magic prodigies and exploit them to turn them into excellent, bloodthirsty soldiers.

Paradonix (パーラドニックス Pāradonikkusu) is a active organization that controls the Isles Rebellion. It's purpose is to take magic prodigies, and develop their skills so they will become excellent and bloodthirsty soldiers.


Several years ago, and unknown man by the alias "H" started to recruit scientists and Dark Mages who wanted to overthrow their Council. Lesser mages were transfered to the Isles Rebellion, while the higher ups were stationed in various postions in Paradonix Headquarters. The Isles Rebellion went to small villages to ransack them for magic prodigies. It is noted that one prodigy, Setsuna Yukimura,who was one of the Big Three (The most experienced and powerful mages in the organization), had defected, and now has begun to fight against it.


Name Rank Team Status
Mr. HLeaderNoneActive
Setsuna YukimuraMageBig ThreeDefected
Kaito LanceMageBig ThreeActive
Cedric HallonsMageBig ThreeActive
Kayden LawSubordinateNoneDefected
Sasuke NerosabuMageBig ThreeDefected
Hundreds of ScientistsMageNoneActive
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