Particle Magic
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Particle Magic





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Particle Magic is a caster type magic. It is one of the three Magics of Origin; used to gather the elements needed to restore the scarred parts of Earth Land.


This magic utilizes natural periodic elements in Earth Land to cast a variety of spells. Anyone who utilizes this magic must first gather some of Earth's natural essence of magic. The essence is then inhaled by the user. Finally, one must say this command: "-name of element- Active!". With elements comming in different phases of matter, users tend to create spells unique to themselves. It is rumored that this magic's only weakness is the user's imagination. A mage utilizing more than 1 element is highly unlikely; due to this magic's tendency to comsume large amounts of magical energy. If the user's element is not in the vicinity, they must use weaker varients of their spells by temporarily creating their element out of thin air. When the spell is complete, the element disappears immediatley. However, to avoid this situation, most users carry items made purely out of their element to carry arround. Lexodus Maverick was the first to discover that Particle Magic is one of the three Magics of Origin , which were used to restore Earth Land after the events of the Forsaken War.


  • There are only 92 styles made up of the first 92 elements of the Periodic Table of Elements (See Styles)
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