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Path of Earth



Chikyū no keiro


Martial Art




The martial art known as Path of Earth is a powerful and effective style. The style uses powerful elbows, punches and kicks as it's basis as well as using the knuckles to rake across the opponants body causing incredible pain and with enough strength large gashes int he flesh. It is also known to be a great defensive style when the final form of the style is applied, known as the Black Tortoise Form, it allows the user to soak up the enemies initial attack before switching to attack allowing for bone breaking strikes. However the style does have one major flaw, it's not an agile style it's based around physical power to absorb damage and return it with much more force. This means when faced against a fighter with a style based on agility and speed it can be outdone.


The Path of Earth style was made centuries ago in Mochina Island's southern moutains by the monks of the Temple of Crimson Earth. They made the style to mimic the streangth of the earth itself, how it resists even more most path rivers and seas for centuries before crumbling. Over the years the style hasn't changed too much only really change comes from the familys from surrounding villages who learnt the style and improved or added to it.


Tao Family

Liang Family

Hotetsu Family

Long Family

Seiryu Family


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