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Percentage Magic

パーセンティッジ マジック


Paasentichiji Majiku


Caster Magic


Ren Akagami

 Percentage Magic (パーセンティッジ マジック, Paasentichiji  Majiku) is a peculiar type of Caster Magic which gives the user a strange control of the world around the user through the ability to control the probability of events. For example, the user can lower the chance that an enemy's attack being able to hit him/her or in another example, raise the probability of walking through a wall. (It is scientifically proven that it could happen but an extremely low chance) If an event with a low chance of happening is changed to a much higher chance, the magic will affect the area slightly to fit the probability. For example, if the user is about to be stabbed and there's a high chance that he will be stabbed, once the user changes the probability so that he won't be, something random yet still possible and reasonable will occur such as bees attacking the stabber making him miss.

To activate this magic, the user must send their magic energy to their brain and eyes which will allow him/her to see the probabilities of events happening around him/her in terms of percentages. The range of this is determined by what the user can see. As long as he/she can see the event, then the probability will be shown to him/her. Once the event's probability is in sight, the user can use his magic energy to lower or raise the probability through vocal or mental command.

The user of this magic cannot control too many events at once and at most 3-4 and cannot lower the probability of any of them all the way down to 0%. Also, the user cannot control the probabilities of something completely absurd or impossible such as making a whale fall out of the sky in the middle of the desert. (Unless by some twist of fate, people are transporting a whale across a desert using an aircraft for some reason and the user just happens to see that.) This magic cannot be used to control events relating to death meaning that the user cannot control the probability of someone else or themselves surviving deadly illnesses and fatal wounds nor can it control events the user is not aware of. 

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