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Peregrine Lime (ペレグリン リミー Peregurin Rimī) is an eccentric woman who grew up in a devastated environment. Her actions are awkward to most, and may seem that Peregrine lost her mind; but it could be the side-effect of keeping her Infernal Magic; a Magic that utilizes dark energies and confined power within the user. As a result, she cannot control most of her outlandish activities when using the Magic, urging people to label her as Rakshasi (ラクシャシ Rakushashi). Despite her oddness, Peregrine has high intellect than average and was even once a recognized scholar.






Powers and Abilities


  • Her first name, Peregrine, means "foreigner" or "stranger" while the surname, Lime, is coincidentally a word the author finds fit for the whole name but distinct from the character.
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