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Peria is a lavender colored exseed woman with the body more like that of a little human girl in terms of shape and size. She wears simple looking magic armor.


Peria kind of acts like a big sister or mother to some of the guild even though she is one of the weaker members she has been there for some time. She can be kind but will scold someone just the same. When someone wants to know something she'll be the first to tell them most of the time, and she does so in a mater of fact way.


A member of the guild for many years Peria was welcomed by Master Draconus with open arm even though he had no idea what she was. She returned his kindness with loyalty to the guild.

Magic & Abilities

Peria can take on a combat form and doing so makes her body like that of a grown human woman, her armor is made to change size with her. She has a spear that can shift though five damage types and each damage type has five different attacks. Here damage types also change the color of her spear. Fire (red), ice (cyan), lightning (yellow), steel (green), and shadow (purple).


  • Peria is partnered with Kennith Frost at his request, at first Peria objected but after a few battles together she realized how well the two worked together.
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