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Personal barrier magic

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Personal barrier magic is a subspecies of barrier magic which focuses exclusively on creating a force field around one's person protecting their skin and clothing. The main advantage of personal barrier magic is that the mage cannot be caught defenceless. Once established the barrier created through this magic requires very little concentration to maintain and many practitioners trained themselves to reflexively pour more magic into the barrier in response to strong hits strengthening the barrier. The personal barrier can be extended to held objects and weapons reinforcing them and increasing their potential damage. Personal barrier magic can also, in affect, increase a mages strength. Although this magic does not actually increase muscle power when using personal barrier magic the mages body will absorb less of the kinetic energy from a impact allowing them to strike harder and the barrier will effectively brace heavy loads allowing the mage to lift more.

The main weakness of personal barrier magic is in its name. Unlike the conventional barrier magic it is derived from this magic only covers the caster and what objects they have on their person. It's protection cannot be extended to allies or objects away from the caster. Another potential weakness is the tendency for practitioners of this magic pour more energy into their barriers in proportion to the attacks they receive. A mage hit fast and strongly enough may not realize how much energy they were expended on their passive defences until after the fact. Finally like all magic it is limited by the amount of energy a mage has. A sufficiently tenacious opponent can potentially outlast a practitioner's abilities to maintained their defences.


This magic is partially based on aura as used in RWBY.

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