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Phantasmal Decoy
Parent Magic

Illusion Magic


Manito Doufu

Phantasmal Decoy is a Caster Type Magic branching out from Illusion Magic. It is a quicken spell as well as an enchantment spell that utilizes a psychosomatic illusion technique and a quixotic force technique that is related to a clone technique.


A type of Magic which enchants the user by cloaking him or her with an invisibility effect and instantly places a clone of the user either in the front, back, or either sides of the user.

While cloaked, the user cannot be the target of spells, powers, or abilities. He or she cannot be sensed by any sources except from sources with an area of effect capability. There is no shadow being formed while cloaked. Also, the user does not disturb any objects in terms of causing a chance to be detected. In addition, the user becomes unblockable though he or she cannot pass through objects (except when the user is being thrown with a projectile or thrown object against him or her, the object passes through the user; if the object has an effect that will affect the user, the user is not affected by the effect unless it is an area of effect).

The cloak effect also affects the user's clothes, equipments, items, and miscellaneous object that he or she owns.

The user, at any time, may reveal their location. When he or she does, then the cloak effect ends.

The clone is always under the control of the user or the one who casted this spell. The clone has all spells, powers, abilities, personality, STATS, current state, and attributes of the owner of this spell. However, once the clone becomes affected by the user's opponent's spells, powers, or abilities, then the clone instantly shatters and dissipate.

As a quicken spell, the user may choose to have this spell's effect take place before any other effect.

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