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Phantasy Guild Stamp



Phantasy Guild Stamp


Alucard Danzo

S-Class Mages

Ulysses Von Kray Jacen Galleon Luna Meyers (unofficial)


Legal Guild


Western Fiore

Phantasy is a a Legal Guild located in Haywire, a prominent city of Western Fiore. Because of this, Phantasy has been deemed the represenative guild of Western Fiore. In the most recent Grand Magic Games, they placed 3rd.


Phantasy is located in Haywire, a prominent merchant city in the usually prosperous Western Fiore. The guild is a rich one, due to its location in the merchant capital of Fiore, and is known for being incredibly extravagant. The guild building is made out of different styles, depending on the section. The entrance is classical roman, while the S-Class floor has a Gothic template. The bar has a simple modern-day feel,while the Master's Quarters are made of solid (?) gems. The Boys Dorm is constructed out what appears to be volcanic rock, with the inside of each room up to the owner. The Girls Dorm is made of green-tinted marble and crystal, with the insides once again up to the user. All-in-all, Phantasy makes for an odd guild to view from the outside.




Name Rank Team Status
Achilles Temura Founder, 1st Master None Deceased
Alucard Danzo 2nd Master None Semi-Active
Nova Arkham S-Class Mage Halloween Scythe (formally) Active
Luna Meyers S-Class Mage (unofficial) Halloween Scythe (formally) Active
Ulysses Von Kray S-Class Mage Chaotic Shadow Semi-Active
Reynard Newman S-Class Mage (former) None Expelled
Ace Dragonborn Mage Halloween Scythe (formally) Active
Alucard Cheney Mage Halloween Scythe (formally) Active
Mimi Brouchard Mage Halloween Scythe (formally) Active
Rexxus Arale Mage Blazing Heart Active
July Galleon Mage Blazing Heart Active
Lincoln August Mage Blazing Heart Active
Guild Position Open
Guild Position Open
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