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Phantom Logo (Nowie Sheep)
Name Phantom
Kanji ゆうれい
Rōmaji Yuurei
Race Human (Presumably)
Age 250+
Gender Unknown
Unusual Features Has never been seen before
Professional Status
Affiliation Pilse Navarina
Occupation Unknown
Personal Status

Phantom (ゆうれい Yuurei) is a character that is commonly believed to be an Urban Myth within the country of Seven. "Responsible" for several apocalyptic inventions, its work revolves mostly around concepts that are several hundred years ahead of the current era. Although its inventions and works are either overwhelmingly destructive or serve no proper purpose; Phantom is a notable character within the Scientific Community of Seven, being regarded as a genius for its works.


Apparently "never been seen before" applies to the Phantom, to the extent that the only identifiable feature is its "Logo", a symbol that can only be described as a Black Skull. The unique features of the skull are notably its almost cartoonish cheekbones, the white eyes and the lack of a nose on the skull. The Logo is featured on all of Phantom 's works, usually imprinted on the front or top of the invention, a location where it can be seen almost instantaneously. Depending on the material that the Mark features on, it is more than often either carved into the material or sprayed on by paint.




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