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Phantom Song Magic



Genuta no Mahō


Caster Magic
Subspecies Magic
Illusion Magic

Phantom Song Magic (幻歌の魔法, Genuta no Mahō) is a special Caster Magic and Subspecies Magic of Illusion Magic


This Magic enables the user to form physical illusions; which is unleashed when the user releases a high-frequency sound. This magic gives the user a grasp over the opponent's soul; as long as the soul of the opponent is fooled; then the illusions are shown to be realistic and strong enough to damage their target in the physical plane, as well as affect the target as if they were real. The mechanics of this magic work by sending out energy into the opponent's brain, altering their perception of something; and it involves the manipulation of the enemy's senses through manipulation of the flow of energy in their brain, therefore influencing neurons and the like. The user must achieve this carefully; as they send out their own magical energy in order to take over the opponent's perception. They can only succeed dependent on the level of magical energy that the user is using, and their realism and appropriateness to the situation; however, more often than not, the user creates several deranged dancers, all while conducting them in dances with their hands/an object, just like a music conductor would. The Phantom Song Magic can be used for many spells, such as basic elemental magic, sound emission, and shockwaves; however, it all depends on what the user wishes to harness its power for. The weak point of this magic is that it requires the victims to hear the music for the illusion to take place, so if the victims were to negate their hearing, they become completely immune to the effects of the magic.

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