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"As soon as you decided to piss me off, you already bought yourself a one way ticket to hell."
— Pharzuph informing his opponent of his anger

Pharzuph Vaccaro

芙志津 化佳稜


Fuyazufu Bakarou


Casanova (カズノバ, Kasanoba)
The Fourth Wise Man (四賢者(しけんじゃ), Shikenja)
The Angel Of Havoc




Fallen Angel


May 27




Male Male



Blood Type



Outside Realm

Hair Color


Eye Color




Skin Tone



6'2" (188cm)



Medical Concerns and Ailments

Extreme Knowledge Of Breasts

Professional Status

Libertus Logo Libertus

Previous Affiliation

Heavenly Realm


Guild Master

Previous Occupation


Base of Operations

Libertus Guild Building

Personal Status
Marital Status



Hayato Vaccaro (Joint First Son)
Kō Vaccaro (Second Son)
Rei Vaccaro (Joint First Son)
Kerubiel Vaccaro (Uncle)
Aysus Vaccaro (Cousin)

Powers & Equipment

Chaos Magic
Heavenly Body Magic
Light Magic
Requip (Basic)
Chain Magic

Signature Skill

True Heavenly Chaos Magic: Death Star

Pharzuph Vaccaro (芙志津 化佳稜, Bakarou Fuyazufu) who is often called The Fourth Wise Man (四賢者・しけんじゃ, Shikenja) or The Angel Of Havoc[1] due to his prowess in battle, is the current Guild Master of Libertus and also a targeted Fallen Angel who is a skilled user with both Heavenly Body Magic and Sword Magic. When his negative emotions take over, this enables him to activate his tertiary magic, Chaos Magic. He is also unquestionably, one of the strongest mages in the Toveri Alliance He and his good friend, Basir Basa re-established his uncle's cult as a Legal Guild in Fiore and after a few minutes of debating between the two, Pharzuph was chosen as the first guild master, after all, his uncle was the previous leader. It was also partially due to the fact that Pharzuph was undoubtedly stronger than Basir as Pharzuph had won countless times in spars between the two of them. He is part of the Vaccaro branch family who serve as guards to the main family, protecting them from all harm that come their way at the expense of their own lives.

Pharzuph is also and often referred to as a Casanova, using his sweet charms and cheesy-pick up lines to gain any women's hearts. Except the fact that is all unintentional, it comes naturally to him. But his charisma isn't only used to woo the girls, his charisma makes him a great leader, being able to resolve conflicts in a matter of a few words. He can motivate just around everybody while also being able to unnerve an opponent. This is how he managed to "sweet-talk" his guild into the Toveri Alliance and attain many strong mages under his grasp. But unfortunately for him, there are some situations he can't talk his way out of, specifically the relationship he has with Angels. To put it simply, they want him dead. Some angels are exiled out of heaven and become Fallen Angels. Fallen Angels are pursued by both Demons and Angels (Fortunately for Pharzuph, he has somehow avoided the Demons ever since he was excommunicated) meaning he is on the constant move and always trying to sharpen his powers for whenever comes the day where an angel on his level, or even stronger than him, tries to kill him for the sake of God, ultimately repeating what happened to his uncle.


Pharzuph Full Body

Pharzuph's outside attire.

Despite Pharzuph's age, he dons the appearance of a middle-aged man with a rather tall and athletic build. He is light-skinned and has black hair with golden bangs and a goatee the same colour as his root hair. His outfit varies depending on where he is. When he is outside, he sports an unzipped, v-collar waistcoat in a dark shade of red with no shirt underneath it, exposing some of his chest. The waistcoat has many pitch black stripes throughout the outfit. He finishes the attire off by wearing some light grey jeans with formal, shiny, brown shoes with no laces.

Pharzuph's inside attire with his twelve black wings in the background.

When he is inside however, his clothing consists of a simple grey kimono with blue sandals. As an Fallen Angel, Pharzuph also has wings that enable him to soar into the sky without any effort. To show his presence and strength in battle, he can call out twelve jet-black wings that sprout out from his back.



Pharzuph's Smirk

Pharzuph is often seen with a smirk on his face, even when battling against an enemy. The only time he isn't seen with a smirk on his face when he is reading letters from the Magic Council. Despite this laid-back look on his face, he is very wise on many different subjects, one of those subjects being breasts. His perverted personality that he shares with his second adviser disgusts some of the ladies in the guild as Pharzuph subconsciously stares at them with a perverse grin as well. He gets nosebleeds now and then when he sees a lady with an 'above standard' breast size often painting some of the furniture a bright shade red. This personality could've have been developed over the discovery of having harems (before he married) over a millennium ago. Pharzuph has also been shown to be extremely charismatic, being able to endear his fellow guild mates.

As stated before, when battling, a smirk is still plastered on his face no matter what situation he is in. It is rare to see Pharzuph get angry but when he does, he can access his tertiary magic, Chaos Magic He is also shown to be pacifistic, preferring to talk his way out of troubles rather than resorting to violence and has been conveyed to care deeply for his fellow guild mates.


Pharzuph's maniacal smile.

Pharzuph doesn't like to be reminded of his late wife, so when he sees his friends getting has complicated feelings on the fact that many of his friends and acquaintances are all married and have a family. Pharzuph has a hidden side to him however. His true personality is that of an insane one. He looks like a completely different person when his true personality is revealed but that's when his emotions get the better of him, allowing him to use his Chaos Magic as well as activating his sinister personality.



Pharzuph at some point in his teenage-hood.

Being born into a branch family as well as trying to maintain your role as an angel isn't exactly easily. At a young age, a lot of pressure was put on him to protect the Main Family while also fulfilling his roles as an Angel, often taking up all the time in his day, leaving no time for Pharzuph to do his personal hobbies. However, unlike most of the other members in the branch family, Pharzuph possessed a large amount of latent ability to use magic. Due to this, he was stripped of his duties of protecting the Main Family and was trained to become a high-ranking angel, often doing vigorous training and taking down low-level demons and Fallen Angels. During this training, they also find out he was at a high-level mentally. They often praised him for being a genius. However, this fame left him on bad terms with his family as they developed jealously and hatred for his fortunes. This led to the excommunication of nearly all the branch members as their jealousy and hatred wasn't viewed as 'pure' by other angels. But even though his own family hated him, Pharzuph himself still loved them and was dejected to see them leave. These events are what allowed him to access Chaos Magic, which is fuelled on the power of negative emotions. But the more Pharzuph used this magic, the more lonely he felt, Chaos Magic only represented what he felt in magic. This eventually cultivated his personality to that of a crazy one, Pharzuph was unrecognisable and nothing like his past self with his new behaviour.

Over the next few years into his teenage-hood, Pharzuph's growth was that of a unprecedented level, he had now attained Light Magic and Heavenly Body Magic in his arsenal as well as picking up Sword Magic to assist him further in battle. His power started to challenge those of the prodigies inside the main family of the Vaccaro, especially that of Aysus Vaccaro. The two had developed an unfriendly, heated rivalry because of their different social status in the family. This ended up with both of them being expelled from Heaven and making them fallen angels. Aysus' last words to Pharzuph was a direct threat to him, stating that "I (Aysus) swear that I will find you (Pharzuph) and kill you." Even though Pharzuph didn't say anything back to Aysus once he heard this, he shared the same views with his cousin.

Once Pharzuph arrived in Earth, he noticed that all of his wings were now jet-black but the sight of this only made him smile. Now he could finally join with his family again. He sought to seek out for his family, picking up and learning the deadly armed fighting style of Blazing Day during his trip. But after thirty years of trying to find them, he eventually gave up and began wandering Earthland. During this time, he until he found his new hobby, breasts. Ever since he had made that important discovery, his life was never the same again. He would go days on end, chatting up (which gained him the title of Casanova) and perversely staring at girls. But other men didn't stand for this nonsense so one by one, they all started to attack Pharzuph but both mages and normal men were destroyed alike. This gained him the attention of guilds, both Dark and Light and eventually the title of The Fourth Wise Man (四賢者, (しけんじゃ),Shikenja) due to his intellect and power in battle.

You think you can stop me? You killed my wife but is that all there is to your power? I'll make an example out of you to tell your friends not to screw with me ever again!

Pharzuph married in X765 and raised three half-breed children but this marriage was soon to be ended after an attack on their family house, committed by a demon. His wife was caught in the crossfire between the demon and the Fallen Angel, which led to the death of the demon and the near-death of his children due to his emotionally unstable behaviour which empowered his Chaos Magic to unimaginable levels. Ever since then, Pharzuph never brings up his wife's name even when talking to his own sons. He tries to cover up his sadness with the constant smirk he has stuck on his face, giving others a misleading signal that's he is fine. In the following years, he befriended Basir Basa and in X785, Pharzuph had finally found something related to his family. A cult founded by his uncle, Kerubiel but this only proved vain when he found out that the cult disbanded after his uncle was killed from unknown causes. The following year, him and Basir re-established the guild in memory of Pharzuph's uncle and to cultivate young mages into talents for the future.



Physical And Mental Traits

Highly Intellectual: Pharzuph is a highly intellectual man, both inside the battlefield and outside the battlefield, with his knowledge originating from the 150 years or so he has spent in Earthland, trying to find his family or attempting to learn new magic or fighting styles to assist him in battle. In fact, even as a kid, he was hailed as a genius and was forced to learn subjects above his age group at a very young age. He was especially proficient in Biology, mainly the human body. This expertise of the human structure allowed Pharzuph to strike at parts of the body where it would hurt the most, hurting both body and brain as well as stopping all the momentum on the opponent's side. He was also shown to be capable of speaking Latin at a high standard, despite the fact that being able to speak and read Latin was one of the compulsory requirements if you were an angel. He often spoke in Latin to disguise his plans so his opponent wouldn't know what he would be planning or as an escape tactic to pretend he didn't understand a word his opponent was saying. This knowledge that he bares makes the most difficult situations easy to decrypt, often rendering another mage's abilities useless against him. But his intelligence can easily be cancelled out if his thoughts go astray from the problem at hand or if he allows his emotions to take over him, ultimately negating all logic and rationality in his thinking.

Tactical Prowess: Even though Pharzuph would rather prefer to use his Physical and Magical prowess to win a battle, he doesn't mind to succumbing to his tactical side once in a while. Stated previously, he was very intelligent ever since he was born, reading and completing questions and undergoing subjects way above his age level. On top of that, he liked to play games that trained the mind when he was younger allowing his mind to process different possibilities faster than the human mind could ever attempt to do, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say he could see fifty steps ahead of his opponent. This perk allows Pharzuph can predict movements and attacks just based on how the opponent moves and hit counters back faster than the human eye could see and more effective than you could ever imagine. When combined with his physical abilities, Pharzuph is nearly impossible to beat without the risk of injuries. His understanding of the battle is why he has been asked at many points during his time in Earthland to help with the Magic Council, specifically with leading the Rune Knights. It is also how he managed to earn the title of being called The Fourth Wise Man (四賢者,(しけんじゃ),Shikenja). The people in Earthland weren't the only people to praise him on his brainpower. When he was being trained in Heaven, people often hailed him as a genius or a wonder-kid. As his time as an Angel His wisdom inside the combat zone can also transform him into being able to carefully analyse his opponent and make accurate assumptions on weaknesses that the opponent bares.

Extremely Versatile: Much like his blood type, one of the most noted aspects of is his ability to adapt to any situation. As mentioned previously, he has been known to exceed in nearly everything he had been taught. As a Fallen Angel, mage and swordsman, Pharzuph himself believes his development has not reached its peak as he needs to keep getting stronger if his fated fight against Aysus actually take place, much to the disagreement of both advisers. As soon as he arrived in Earthland, Pharzuph adapted to his surrounding very quickly, learning the basics, traditions and other things Earthland had to offer from the get-go. Since he practically had nothing to do most of the time when he wasn't looking for his family, curiosity led him to dive into numerous books on the subject of magic, both from past and present, enabling him to blend in with those around him. His versatility is also visible within battle as he can always seem to make light out of any situation he comes across in the field of battle.

Willpower Of A Hundred: Pharzuph is the type to never give up and keeps on pushing until he gets what he wants. No matter how low his magic power is, no matter how much injuries he has, he has never said the words "I give up." or "I surrender" in his 253 year old life. This frequently makes life hell for enemies as they themselves start to give up even if they are theoretically winning in the fight. However, due to Pharzuph not knowing when to give up ends up taking a huge toll to the physical aspects of Pharzuph. Sometimes, he ends up with multiple broken bones after the fight, rendering him immobile for quite some time. But Pharzuph pays no heed to this as he says in his own words, "As long as I get the job done, I don't really care about anything else."

Tremendous Strength: Pharzuph has been proven to be exceptionally strong in battle. The feats he has accomplished with his strength is that he is able to punch somebody at a short distance and create a shockwave with the impact between his fist and the opponent's body, taking note of the fact that it is achieved with only one strong punch. He cam also create a shockwave of similar power from a single slash from his sword, cutting the air as the razor-sharp shockwave travels towards the opponent. When unarmed, he has enough physical strength to block an enemies kick or punch without that much effort and has been shown to be able to manifest more power than foes much larger than him. Power isn't the only thing he has stored within his arsenal though, he can attack at speeds near-invisible to the normal, human eye and with support from his Heavenly Body Magic, the punches become even more lethal and less avoidable.

Exceptionally Fast: Pharzuph has displayed to be exceedingly fast in many fights, partially due to the fact that his wings allow him to reach such high speeds in the sky thus leaving little to no time for the opponent to dodge any incoming attacks coming from the Vaccaro branch family member. His speed is further enhanced when he applies his Heavenly Body Magic to his body, allowing him to reach speeds no ordinary human could achieve in their lifetime. His twelve jet black wings also help him as they assist more than a normal pair of wings since the more wings you have, the more flight power you attain. This allows him to spend less stamina than what would normally be spent if he flew with two wings. Due to his amazing flight power and speed combined, he can manage to move fast enough to instantaneously close a gap of any size between his opponent and himself without much effort. He can also use his flying power to efficiently to keep up with any opponent's attack sequence, though sometimes it may take up some stamina to be constantly moving around and dodging. His exceptional speed gives him an advantage in melee combat, as he is able to hit and sidestep any move within a matter of seconds even though it sacrifices his stamina, though it also enables him to create a counter-attack and send a barrage of punches in painful spots on the body before his opponent has the opportunity to even respond.

Acrobatic: Pharzuph's acrobatics are one of the reasons why he was able to learn part of the Blazing Day style. He is able to perform amazing acrobatic feats with some ease, high above the ground with assistance sometimes coming from his wings that enable him to fly, often making him hard to hit. His wings also allow him to be able to elegantly move in the air. Pharzuph is extraordinarily lean yet somehow he possesses an immense amount of strength, this allows him to conduct a complex sequence of events and end with a possible match-ending blow. He normally includes his acrobatics into his armed fighting style of the Blazing Day, enhancing the perniciousness of this style of sword fighting.

Expert Swordmanship Specialist: Pharzuph isn't a slouch when it comes to wielding a sword, he possesses great talent when holding a sword. Though it isn't his primary style of combat, when he does use it, his skills are equal to an experienced sword(wo)man, he often amplifies his swordmanship with Sword Magic and the deadly fighting style of Blazing Day (which Pharzuph has not yet mastered and currently has no intention of doing so) often making him near to impossible to beat in a sword-fight unless facing someone who is a Master at sword-fighting. His hand has gotten use to gripping various swords he creates through the use of Etherea which is capable of producing swords that use the combination of Light Magic and Fire Magic often making the most pure and hottest of flames, the white flames. This often makes the opponent wary of his moves, often pushing them into a defensive position in the battle. Due to his style of fighting, each strike is swift yet powerful, and sometimes even acrobatic.

  • Blazing Day: Pharzuph is one of the many known users of this sword art though it should be taken note that he has no mastered this fighting style and has no intention of honing his mastery over it for as long as he lives. The Blazing Day is a style known for it's raw power, this particular style appears at first glance to be like anyone other sword fighting style around Earth-Land but at a much closer look it is much more than that as the user of this style uses more complex footwork and acrobatic strikes. When Pharzuph involves magic in this style, as stated before, his sword produces fire and light magic.
    • Rising Sun: (朝日, Asahi) A basic series of slashes and thrusts with a bit of acrobatic flare thrown in. While basic, the attacks are incredibly fast and make good use of the Blazing Day Style's iconic use of fire (and formerly, light) in it's techniques.
    • Four Suns: (四陽, Shiyō) Used in the Blazing Day Style. This style uses high speed and powerful attacks, it also involves fire based sword magic hence the name. Masters of this style can cut enemies with the heat of the sun itself leaving nothing behind but ash. Due to the fire based techniques, Pharzuph's Etherea swords is used when Pharzuph want to execute these certain set of techniques.
      • First Sun: Blazing Flare: (最初の太陽・燃えるフレア, Saisho Taiyō: Moeru furea) This technique is a quick cutting attack with no follow through meaning it only strikes the target point and returns to it's original position. The fire element of the style is added as well to set the opponent alight or seriously burn them. It also makes a great technique to launch a fireball.
      • Second Sun: Burning Point: (第二太陽・燃え点, Daini Taiyō: Moeten) A simple stab with a super-heated blade. The attack doesn't cause the opponent to bleed out as the wound is cauterized however it does cause incredible pain and if used in a fatal area, it can kill in a very clean manner.


Magical Traits

"It's not like I wanted to be born a prodigy, and if my abilities distance me from my friends and family, I'd rather be stuck as a weakling for as long as I live!"
— Pharzuph Talking To Another Angel

Gigantic Magical Power: Pharzuph has been praised about his tremendous amount of magical power he possesses. His power has increased over the years and it is now at a level that rivals those of Wizard Saints, in other words, his magical power isn't something to be looked down upon. Pharzuph is able to release his magical energy in a visible aura that emits off his body as an intimidation tactic. Just like his Chaos Magic, Pharzuph's magical aura seems to reflect his emotions, the more emotional Pharzuph is, the more overwhelming the aura. His large magical capacity is how he has more five different magics under his belt and how he has mastered at least three of them. The Fallen Angel's magical presence is often labelled as 'useless on him (Pharzuph)' due to his low stamina but his magical power helps him use destructive spells that end the battle quicker despite sacrificing even more stamina than usual. As his time on Earthland continues, Pharzuph has managed to sharpen his proficiency in using abilities so that his attacks contain more power than an average spell, making nearly all defenses almost futile against him, helping him end the battle more swifter as stated before. Many believe that Pharzuph would be able to destroy a whole country with his signature attack: True Heavenly Chaos Magic: Death Star (死の星(デス・スター) Shin Tenran Mahō: Desusutā) but Pharzuph doesn't believe this since he would never ever get to a point where he'd be that angry to summon a Death Star (Meteorite) of that size.

  • Great Magical Control: Pharzuph isn't able to activate such destructive and powerful spells without the ability to be able to manipulate his own magic, Pharzuph's ability enables him to pump magic in a sole limb of the body, enhancing the power of that particular point.

Heavenly Body Magic

Heavenly Body Magic (天体魔法, Tentai Mahō): Pharzuph could be counted as a highly skilled wielder of this magic, thus the reason why this magic is his primary magic. Heavenly Body Magic is an incredibly powerful magic that allows him to draw out the power of stellar energy that allow him to access various astronomical objects such as stars (which he can produce and manipulate from his body), meteors and many constellations. To be more specific, Pharzuph can embody the astronomical objects that he is able to generate, granting him the ability to enhance his own physical capabilities to new heights, specifically his speed. The generated stellar energy can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways, its "type" can be changed at will, and they can even be given a somehow material consistency. When used for offense, Heavenly Body Magic can take the appearance of a sphere-like object that can be released at the opponent or as a beam that can be blasted, these examples and other attacks tend to be often amplified with his Light Magic. On the subject of Light, Light itself can also be emitted from Pharzuph's body. The light he radiates off his body can be capable enough to blind an enemy temporarily, creating a window for Pharzuph to attack but this bright light can only be achieved with the assistance of his Light Magic. As it requires a immense amount of control over one's magic, it is advisable,m not to use many spells from this magic unless you have a high magical capacity where you can constantly produce magic from. Normally, Heavenly Body Magic cannot be activated without the user wearing a special body suit that allows their magic to siphon with the Ethernano around them but as an angel, this comes naturally to him, disabling the use of the special body suit he would have had to use if it weren't for his true heavenly abilities.

  • Meteor (流星, Ryūsei): Pharzuph's surrounds his body in magic, enhancing all things related to his physical attributes but mostly increases his speed. His speed can often allow him to close large distances in a few seconds and he can also assault his opponents with quick and powerful melee attacks that cannot be easily dodged.
    • Shooting Star (流れ星, Nagareboshi): This is the enhanced version of the original spell, Pharzuph is the only known user of this spell seeing that he was the inventor of it. By specifically pumping more stellar energy into his legs rather than equally distributing throughout the rest of his body, his speed and the durability on his legs doubles. However, there is a drawback, since Pharzuph is not equally spreading out his Heavenly Body Magic, there is less magical protection than what would normally be there, often leaving him vulnerable to many powerful attacks.
    • Meteor Crash (流星衝撃, Ryūsei Shougeki): Pharzuph suddenly releases all the stellar energy that is either within him or radiating off him, creating a blinding light that is soon followed by an omni-directional attack that takes a similar appearance to Urano Metria.
  • Monoceros (一角獣座, Ikkakujuuza): Pharzuph summons golden magic seals in the formation of the constellation of Monoceros. Light beams shoot out from the seals and merge together to form a beam that represents a horn, upon impact, it explodes and often creates a moderately-sized crater with its destructive powers. In order to activate this move, the user must stay still for at least one minute to gain the energy to summon the constellation as the presence of the constellation itself is very weak so it is hard to find and draw power out from it.

I call upon Monoceros' power,
To pierce the hearts of the wrong-doers!
Open! Constellation Within The Sky, Monoceros!

Watashi wa Monoceres no dengen o yōsei shimasu,
Fugi no kokoro o tsuranuku tame ni!
Ōpun! Sukai-nai konsuterēshon, ikka kujū-za!

  • Telescopium (望遠鏡, Bōenkyoū): Pharzuph flies high into the air before summoning many magic seals (with five magic seals being the limit for this particular spell) that are all gold in colour that descends diagonally towards the opponent with each seal being twice the size of the preceding magic seal. Light (Or specifically Stellar Energy) is shot out from the first seal and each seal it goes through, it enlarges to the size of that specific seal meaning the beam doubles in size each time before shooting towards the opponent, any spell weaker than this spell can not stop the destructive force of this technique, if the opposing spell is stronger however, the attack can be stopped. This spell bares a similar appearance to Moon Drip.
  • True Heavenly Body Magic: Stellar Illumination (真·天体魔法·星照明, Shin Tentai Mahō: Hoshi Shōmei): One of the only moves in Pharzuph's arsenal that can truly be considered as a rival to his True Heavenly Chaos Magic, specifically his most dangerous and destructive move, Death Star. This technique requires an even longer incantation than the one that is seen in the move of Monoceros. Once the calling is completed, twelve ginormous magic seals appear on the ground, each one representing an 'animal of light', surrounds both him and the enemy combatant and one by one, a beam of light, the same size as the magic rune, shoots out from the seal towards the sky, the light shot towards the the sky then merges with each other, forming a big cluster of Stellar Energy. A seal once again forms, this time on the ball of energy, however this seal only appears if the pillars of light have stopped leaving a period for Pharzuph to still be attacked by the opponent. The cluster of energy then suddenly drops towards the enemy with Pharzuph still being in the zone of impact. Now this is where the truly dangerous part of this move comes into play. If Pharzuph manages to stop his opponent from escaping the landing area and manage to escape himself, then the move will be a success and will very likely end the match. If Pharzuph can't postpone the enemy's movements or not manoeuvre out of the way in time, Pharzuph himself would get extremely hurt in the move and shift momentum towards the opposing side.

Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig,
May the animals of light gather,
And Illuminate the rightful path to the stars and beyond!

Nezumi, Ushi, Tora, Usagi, Doragon, Hebi, Uma, Yagi, Saru, Tori, Inu, Buta,
Hikari no dōbutsu ga atsumaru koto ga ari,
Soshite hoshi to sore ikō no seitōna michi o terashimasu!

  • True Heavenly Body Magic: Pegasus (真·天体魔法·ペガスス座 Shin Tentai Mahō: Pegasusuza): Though slightly inefficient than the two aforementioned spells above (those two being Stellar Illumination and Death Star) in terms of repurcussion for the user., this spell is extremely efficient in its own right when used correctly. Taking his Meteor spell to a whole new level, he draws upon all the stellar/astronomical energy of the Pegasus Constellation, fusing all the magic power currently residing within his body with the Astronomical energy that he drew out from Pegasus by using his flesh to act as an intermediary between the two. However, due to the two colossal entities of magical energy merging, Pharzuph cannot stablise this energy and instead turns into a psuedo-pegasus or a full pegasus depending on how much energy he has absorbed from the constellation. Apparently, in Psuedo-Pegasus form, he is the same strength as when he is utilising both of the Guild Weapons. In Full Pegasus form, people have described his appearance as the huge mythical beast itself, being around the same size of a Dragon while also apparently bearing the power of said beast as well

Chaos Magic

Chaos Magic (チャオス メージク, Chaosu Meejiku): As previously stated, Pharzuph can utilise this Forbidden Magic in battle, a magic that can produce dark red flame-like energy that can incinerate an opponent with the strength of the attacks depending on Pharzuph's negative emotions. He rarely ever uses it though as you need to be in a negative mental state to access this magic and it will take a lot for an opponent to achieve making Pharzuph get to the point where he can enable Chaos Magic.

  • Skilled Manipulation: When Pharzuph is angry, even though his emotions are in check, he can freely create various structures and replicate body parts with ease when using the magic due to his already great magical control that has further been trained with Heavenly Body Magic.
  • Chaos Fist (カオス 鉄拳, Kaosu Tekken): The easiest spell for Pharzuph to use as it requires practically no negative emotions to activate this spell, thought it would be greatly enhanced in strength if negative emotions were added to the spell.
    • Chaos Machine Gun (カオス マシンガン, Kaosu Mashingan): This spell is more advanced than its parent spell as it requires more Chaos Magic meaning it requires more negative emotions. Instead of hitting only one punch, Pharzuph relentlessly swings a multitude of punches towards the opponent. The punches are so fast that they look like multiple hands or bullets, hence why the spell is called Machine Gun.
  • Chaos Stream (カオス ストリーム, Kaosu Sutoriimu): A technique which can be a match-ender if used at full power. Pharzuph releases and aims stream of Chaos Magic, similar to a Slayer's breath attack, though this spell is released from a magic seal that conjures in front of the palm. When used at its weakest point, this move is often classified as a distraction and there is no need to dodge it as it could only cause a few scratches. When used at full power however, Pharzuph can completely incinerate a target with only one use of the spell, making it a very dangerous move.
    • Chaos Volcano (カオス 火山, Kaosu Kazan): A very destructive spell that could end a match if used at full power. Pharzuph pumps a large amount of magic power into the ground and with his hands firmly planted on the floor still, he manipulates the magic to travel directly under the opponent. Pharzuph then get back onto his feet while flinging his his hands upwards, a short rumbling is heard and a short tremor occurs before a large amount of Chaos Magic sprouts from the ground in a similar fashion to a volcano erupting. The move could potentially erode away the receiver's skin, leaving only the skeleton as the end product.
  • Chaos Bullets (カオス 弾雨, Kaosu Danu): A spell used by Pharzuph to often keep an enemy from engaging him in close combat. The bullets fire out like rapid fire from magic seals that leave as soon as they come.the s The bullets composed of Chaos Magic create a stinging pain everytime when an enemy is hit with them, often keeping them enemy on the move but rarely in a direction approaching Pharzuph. This technique is effective against short-ranged mages and melee combatants as it keeps them to far away to land any attacks of any kind.
  • Chaos Death Scythe (カオス 死大鎌, Kaosu Shi Ōgama): A strong attack that can cut down all the way to the bone if there are enough negative emotions to fuel it. Pharzuph conjures a curved blade out of his Chaos Magic and proceeds to slash it at the enemy's body, often the abdomen.
    • Chaos Death Scythes (カオス 死大鎌, Kaosu Shi Ōgamas): This variation is not that much different from the original move, but instead of forging one scythe out of Chaos Magic, he makes two that appear on his each hand before proceeding to slice the opponent in two, often striking the chest and abdomen.
    • Chaos Death Scythe Dance (カオス 死大鎌 舞, Kaosu Shi Ōgama Mai): Yet another version of the original move though probably the most powerful spell out of the three, Pharzuph unleashes a barrage of scythes that are hurled towards the intended target, with all of the projectiles being able to chop a tree cleanly in half when full powered.
  • Chaos Death Ball (カオス 死球, Kaosu Shi Kyū): The Chaos Death Ball is one of Pharzuph most powerful Chaos Magic spells, possibly as strong as his Stellar Illumination spell. Pharzuph soars high into the sky via the use of his wings to a height where they can barely be seen by those on the ground. Pharzuph then proceeds to generate a cluster of Chaos Magic upon his palm that merges into a giant sphere of dark energy. Pharzuph then throws it towards his enemy at the ground with the sphere being so big, most enemies can't evade the blast radius.
  • Chaos Storm (カオス ストーム, Kaosu Sutōmu): A vortex of Chaos Magic circles Pharzuph violently, similar in appearance to a tornado. The tornado of Chaos Magic protects Pharzuph from any incoming attacks as the wind currents produced by the magic repel any attack coming its way. Pharzuph can command the shield to turn into a weapon as the Chaos Magic tornado could depart and stop surrounding him and attack the enemy by itself like a Slayer's breath attack though a lot more rounder as well as being able to change the direction of mid-air.
  • Chaos Storm: Arm (カオス ストーム: アーム, Kaosu Sutōmu: Aamu): Pharzuph is able to replicate the Chaos Storm on his arms, creating extra pushing force when striking an opponent as well as protecting his arms.
  • Chaos Storm: Leg (カオス ストーム: 足, Kaosu Sutōmu: Ashi): Like its counterpart, Pharzuph can generate the same storm on his legs, enhancing the driving power of his legs when on the offensive as well as protecting them while on the defensive.
  • Chaos Cutter (カオス カッター, Kaosu Kattaa): Undoubtedly one of Pharzuph's strongest spells, the angel first creates a large sphere of Chaos Magic, similar to the Death Ball. This time, a second layer of Chaos Magic orbits the main sphere, looking like a Saturn of Chaos Magic. At the same size as the Death Ball, he throws it towards his opponents, leaving the same devastating effects as the Death Ball.
    • Chaos Mini Cutter (カオス ミニ カッター, Kaosu Mini Kattaa): As the name states, this is the minature version of the destructive move utilised by Pharzuph. Though it lacks the power and destructive force like the founder spell, this version makes it a lot easier to aim and be precise with the aiming as well as more cutting power, even more cutting power than the Death Scythes.
  • Chaos Shield (カオス シールド, Kaosu Shiirudo): Considered to be the defensive counterpart to Chaos Cutter, Pharzuph moulds a shield in the shape of a Kasa purely out of Chaos Magic. This shield is capable of defending many powerful attacks though it is to be mentioned, that it is not invincible or indestructible. This shield can also be hurled at an opponent, with its cutting power as strong as its offensive counterpart.
  • Chaos Giant (カオス ジャイアント, Kaosu Jaianto): An ability that Pharzuph himself cannot access unless his rage exceeds a certain point, that point unknown by Pharzuph himself. When the rage exceeds this point, the Chaos Magic that is coming to fruition is too much for the body to handle, so the body releases all this Chaos Magic, which slowly forms into a large vivid, dark red giant purely composed of Chaos Magic. When this giant has finally spawned, it comes equipped with a humongous Chaos Cutter and a Chaos Shield of the same size though Pharzuph is free to construct whatever weapon he wants. Though unfortunately for Pharzuph, he can't maintain this form for long, at best he could reach ten minutes before the form deteriorates completely. Though that isn't the only downside of the spell, due to the amount of magical output that had just occurred, his body requires time to recover, and time isn't something handed to you by an opponent. This cooldown period can turn Pharzuph's battle for the worse.

True Heavenly Chaos Magic

True Heavenly Chaos Magic (真・天乱麻魔法, Shin Tenranma Mahō): This is the combination of Pharzuph's two strongest magic, combining the power of God and the power of the Devil, ultimately creating a near to unstoppable magic that currently has one known spell due to the strain it places on one's body. The power of this spell makes up for the lack of versatility in this magic making it a good trade-off.

  • True Heavenly Chaos Magic: Death Star (真・天乱麻魔法: デススター, Shin Tenranma Mahō: Desusutā):
    Pharzuph Death Star

    Pharzuph's Death Star

    A spell so hard to summon, it requires a rather long incantation and even then, just this one spell, no matter how much magic Pharzuph has, will completely deplete all stamina and magical energy he has within him. After the incantation is completed, Pharzuph swipes his hand down diagonally and a bright red light that seems to be approaching the enemy can be seen in the sky. It is then recognised as a meteor, a very large one for that matter, completely outscaling Jellal's Sema in size. This move poses a complete threat to Pharzuph though that can classify the move as a suicide attack. Since all of Pharzuph's energy is gone, he can't even will himself off the floor and is in the danger zone of where the Death Star will land, killing him as well as his enemy.

Light Magic

Light Magic (光魔法, Hikari Mahō): Light Magic is another magic Pharzuph is rather skilled and in fact, it was the second magic he learnt (with Chaos Magic being the first) and the first magic he successfully mastered. Though Light Magic is a rather common magic in Earthland, Pharzuph often combines his Light Magic with his Heavenly Body Magic making the attacks a lot more powerful, enabling it to compete with more advanced and naturally powerful magic.

  • Photon Manipulation: Pharzuph is very able when it comes to controlling light in the area surrounding him, even if not his own, though however, as the photon particles are not composed out of eternano, this ability isn't actually part of his Light Magic though to make it easier to label, it is classified as one. It also goes without saying that due to the lack of eternano in the photon, he can't create spells with the light he manipulates.
Cloak Of Light
  • Cloak Of Light (マントの光, Hikari no Manto): Like his Meteor spell, Pharzuph surrounds his body in Light Magic but unlike his Meteor, the aura surrounding his body is not as refined and Pharzuph allows the magic to violently come out as if it were overflowing. This armour assists in blinding his enemies as well as making him move faster. He moves faster because he is technically meant to be travelling at the speed of light, though he is held back due to his body weight. To most people, it would be as if he was moving via teleportation.
  • Light Body (光胴体, Hikari Dōtai): Pharzuph is capable of turning certain limbs or his whole body into light particles, greatly enhancing his speed, in fact, enabling him to move at the speed of light making it easier for him to evade and deal attacks. Though, Pharzuph can't maintain this form for long as he seems to gain motion sickness moving at such high speeds.
  • Light Clone (光分, Hikari Bunshin): Due to Pharzuph's great magical control, he is able to create an exact replica of him that is composed of Light-Based Eterano. However, due to it being an exact replica, it also copies Pharzuph's lack of stamina. Additionally, because of the clone only being made of Light Magic, it can only use said magic, meaning its power is significantly weakened. And even with Heavenly Body Magic being so similar to Light Magic, the doppelganger cannot access that magic as well. However, a plus side to this spell is that mostly due to the large magical reserves Pharzuph has, he can create multiple clones at once, something that can easily turn the tide of a battle and all clones have the same non-magical talent fighting talent as the original, something that is hard to stop with only one Pharzuph, let alone many.
Light Magic Ray
  • Magic Ray (魔力光線, Majikku Rei): Though a basic spell that many mages have in their arsenal, Pharzuph has further enhanced the potential destructive power in this spell by amplifying it with his affinity to Light Magic, also allowing Pharzuph to enlarge the ray twice in size while also travelling slightly faster than its generic counterpart. When performing Magic Ray, the user utilises coherent particles of eternano, which are charged by the user's magical power as to rapidly excite the constituent particles of eternano, which experience an increase in density and seem to multiply; this causes them to seek equilibrium and self-stabilise, being reflected and amplified by the magical aura and formed into a high-powered and potentially destructive beam of coherent radiation which is in a hyper-condensed form; essentially, a powerful ray of pure magical energy.
    • Light Rays (光日差し, Hikari Hizashi):
      Pharzuph Light Attack

      Pharzuph Using The Spell

      It would be easy to guess how this spell would function by the name. Multiple weaker rays of light are shot out from a magic seal that are aimed at the opponent and have enough force to cause a minor explosion and cause an enemy to bleed. This spell can easily be stopped with a basic shield or barrier of some sort. This spell is sometimes used in conjunction with Pharzuph's Meteor Crash to produce a more powerful omni-directional attack.
    • Light Downpour (光豪雨, Hikari Gōu): This a more enhanced version of its parent spell. This spell is so powerful, that is has the same effects as Meteor Crash meaning Pharzuph uses either one or the other and not using them in conjunction as it would use up too much magic power. A person would need a rather strong shield to block this attack as trying to dodge this technique will be quickly rendered futile. The seal that releases the light can be summoned from above or from the user's palm, allowing it to travel downwards or horizontally. Sometimes Pharzuph doesn't need the use of the magic seal to produce the light, it's all up to his preference when initiating the spell.
  • Light Stream (光ストリーム, Hikari Sutoriimu): Much like it's counterpart technique on the opposite end of the spectrum, Chaos Stream, Pharzuph releases a river of Light Magic at his opponent(s), overwhelming them with light and forcing them backwards as well as singing the enemy if it hits.
  • Light Explosion Barrage (光爆発連打, Hikari Bakuhatsu Rendan): This is an attack that often catches people by surprise and can has the ability to finish a match if executed correctly. Pharzuph shoots many light spheres towards his opponent though he seems to 'miss' his opponent every time he aims, this is actually just a set up for the main event. The enemy often gets cocky or annoyed with Pharzuph trying to hammer him/her with his attacks so they either try to rush towards Pharzuph or stay back, waiting until Pharzuph runs out of stamina. Either way, they soon find themselves surrounded by light spheres that detonates with the click of Pharzuph's fingers, first increasing in brightness before exploding, hurting the opponent severely if they don't defend themselves.
  • Light Strike (光殴打, Hikari Ōda):
    Pharzuph Light Strike
    Pharzuph summons a magic seal in the sky that releases a large, light beam that travels down towards to the target that can decimate an opponent, eradicating both flesh and bones while the attack is in progress. This attack is undoubtedly one of Pharzuph's most strongest light spells, sometimes being compared at an equal level to Pharzuph's Stellar Ilumination in terms of destructive power.
  • Light Disc (光皿, Hikari Sara): Another one of Pharzuph's more stronger spells, Pharzuph charges up a disc of light on the palm of his hand, hence the name Light Disc, before proceeding to hurl it towards his opponent, possessing the same cutting damage as the Chaos Mini Cutter, being able to slice a tree or an arm into many pieces with ease, making it a lethal attack if it can't be evaded nor blocked.
  • Light Bullets (光矢玉, (Hikari Yadama): Creating multiple bullet-shaped Light Magic orbs, Pharzuph unleashes a barrage of these orbs on his enemy, that can easily pierce through the skin and could easily turn into a gory and fatal move.

Chain Magic

Chain Magic (連鎖魔法, Rensa Mahō): This magic allows Pharzuph to shoot long chains from his hands, complete with grappling hooks at the ends. They can be used in combat by launching the grappling hooks through enemies. After they have been caught, enemies can also be slammed into objects that can damage an opponent in more than a physical way. These chains can be amplified with Pharzuph's Heavenly Body Magic, Light Magic and his Chaos Magic. making the chains a lot more durable and when enhanced with the different magic, the chains can undergo different effects, those effects being;

Light Chains

Light Chains (光連鎖, Hikari Rensa): These specific type of chains have the same enhanced durability as the two other amplified chains. The only difference being is that with this chain. the chain itself is covered in a blinding light that can often block and even temporarily (and maybe even permanently) damage the eyesight of the opponent, making the success rate of the chain catching the opponent have a substantial increase.

Heavenly Chains


The speed of the chains

Heavenly Chains (天来連鎖, Tenrai Rensa): These chains have the same durability as the other magic infused chains but out of all three chains, this chain is the fastest out of all of them, making the chains harder to evade and quickly depleting the opponent's stamina.

Chaos Chains

Chaos Chains (カオス連鎖, Kaosu Rensa): Similar to the other chains, this chain has enhanced durability making it harder for the enemy to break. However, unlike the other chains, once this chain attaches onto someone, the target is considerably weakened with the malice that is flowing out of the chains. If the Chaos Magic is strong enough, the target can be weakened from afar, when the chains are not even near said target.



  • His appearance is based off Azazel from High School DxD.
  • This is currently the author's most powerful character.
    • It's also the author's first character he's spent more than a week on.
  • This article is the author's longest article in terms of words
  • This character's surname was originally Fujiwara but it was changed to Vaccaro as the author and another user thought the original surname was a bit weird.
  • This character has only been in three roleplays so far, Contest Of Light, Toveri Alliance: Convocation of Leaders and The X803 Ishgar/Othrys Annual Tournament.
  • Compared to other strong characters, Pharzuph is at the bottom of the food chain.
  • One of Pharzuph's light spells, Light Strike, is a pun and a twist on the words of Lightning Strike as the spell has a similar appearance to that of an actual Lightning Strike.
  • Credit to Perchan for the description of Magic Ray
  • Credit to Zicoihno for the description of Etherea


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