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Phoenix Feather Guild
Name Phoenix Feather Guild
Kanji 鳳凰羽納品
Rōmaji Hōō-wa nōhin
Symbol SatonakaCrest
Master Kujina Akiha
S-Class Mages Jubei Yagyu
Type Independent
Location Outside of Magnolia Town
Kingdom of Fiore

The Phoenix Feather Guild is an Independent Guild located in the Kingdom of Fiore in relatively small building built several miles away from Magnolia Town. It was founded by Rozeluxe Meitzen and is currently led by Kujina Akiha.




Equipment and Magic

Holder Magic

Celestial Spirits

Caster Magic


These are all the known member of the Guild listed in order of which they joined. 

Name Rank Team Status
Kujina Akiha Guild Master None Active
Sango Hotaru Mage None Active
Akatsuki Kurono


Dawn Team Active
Yuuma Mage None Active
Sophie Mage/Exceed Dawn Team Active
Sakura Yakumo Mage Dawn Team Active
Jubei Yagyu S-Class Mage None Active
Rena Sako Mage/Nurse Dawn Team Active
Enma Hakuryū Mage/Guild Ace Dawn Team Active
Rozeluxe Meitzen Former Guild Master None Retired
Suri Meitzen S-Class Mage/Bartender None Retired
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