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Symbol of the Phoenix Wing Guild
Phoenix Wing



Fenikkusu Uingu


Legal Guild


Sakura City, Fiore

"Phoenix Wing" is one of the Legal Guilds of Fiore, established on September 26th, X826, exactly 100 years before the start of the series.


Sakura City Volcano Area

Volcano Area of Sakura City

Phoenix Wing is located in the southern section of Sakura City, one of the biggest cities in Fiore. The guild building is built near the entrance of an active volcano, which is open for mages to train fire magic. The guild has a rivalry with three other guilds, located in the same city: Gargoyle Fist, Scythe Weasel and Trident Shark.


Phoenix Wing was established on September 26th, X826, after the first eruption of an active volcano of Sakura City's Volcano Area. Many lives were saved by a traveling mage that day. Treating their survival as a miracle, the survivors decided to build this guild as a sign of appreciation, a memorial of that day. Their savior was named this guild's first master. It is said that, after all these years, the wizard is alive and is traveling the world in search for adventure.


Although the guild was founded years ago, it doesn't seem to hold many well-known mages, nor the influential strength. Most of the wizards seem to possess the ability to use fire magic and despite not being famous throughout Fiore, they are said to have a valiant spirit and great courage. In the last few years though, several strong wizards have joined the guild, like a Lava Dragon Slayer.

Name Rank Team Status
Carlos KazumiGuild MasterNoneActive
Luke KazumiS-Class MageNoneActive
Courtney KazumiMageNoneActive
Joshua KazumiMageTeam FenghuangActive
Mackenzie GabchiasMageTeam FenghuangActive
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