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Pict Magic

絵画魔法 ピクトマジック


Pikuto Majikku


Holder Magic


Abbas Kuroki
Reedus Jonah
Shelly Vamiro
Red Hood Members
Naomi Charity
Juliet Nakamura
Aneka Dillinger

Pict Magic (絵画魔法 ピクトマジック Pikuto Majikku) is a Holder Type Magic used by Reedus JonahRed Hood members and Juliet Nakamura.


Pict Magic allows the user to create drawings and use them in various ways. Making Pict Magic usually requires special tools to draw the Magic. For Reedus Jonah, he uses his stomach. Pict Magic animates the drawings so the user can use them for the purposes they desire, including battle.

One of the Dark Guilds, Red Hood, also uses this Magic, but the difference is that they use it on paper and not in their bodies. Also they've been show to use an ability called Unison Pict which combines all of their drawings and summons together using everyones Magic. Also another reason of using this Magic might be that some of the drawings are really strong and the users can't call them out single-handedly such as in the case of the wyvern they summoned.

Juliet also uses this magic, but instead of drawing it on her body or paper, she draws it in the air.


Reedus Jonah's Spells

  • Carriage and Boar: User draws a carriage and a purple boar, which can be ridden on. In the manga, this spell is unnamed and horses are drawn instead of a boar.
  • Cannon: User draws a cannon and fire a cannonball. The damage of the cannonball, however, is not very strong.
  • Cannon: Fire: Similar to the Cannon Spell, but instead of a cannonball the cannon shoots fire.
  • Nature, Run Wild!: User draws multicolored boars on his body, which are then shot from his stomach in all directions.
  • Roar of Silver: Caster draws three Vulcans, and then shoots them into a opponent
  • Maid Lucy: Reedus draws a fake Lucy in maid clothes with a whip, he used her to confuse Freed while he escaped.
  • Hole: He draws some hole on his body then the hole is set on the ground and the enemies fall in.

Red Hood's Spells

  • Unison Pict: This Magic allows the users to unit their Magic power and summon more powerful drawings together.
  • Unison Pict: Goblin: Casters draw a lot of cute pink goblins that carry weapons. The goblins attack by curving their body into a ball and rolling to hit the enemy. They aren't very strong, but they are good to distract the enemies while the users prepare to cast a more powerful spell.
  • Unison Pict: Wyvern: Casters draw a green colored wyvern to attack the opponents. It seemed to be very strong as it was able to withstand Jura's Iron Rock Spikes, Lyon's Ice Make: Snow Tiger attack and Sherry's Rock Doll attack.

Juliet's Spells

  • Juliet's Eagle
  • Juliet's Snake
  • Juliet's Ox
  • Juliet's Horse
  • Juliet's Tiger
  • Juliet's Pheonix
  • Juliet's Katana
  • Eagle : Juliet draws an eagle which can take her and fly with her. Also he has very good eye-sight and is capable of tracking enemies.
  • Snake: Juliet draws a snake and it wraps around the enemy. If the snake bites an enemy, the enemy will hallucinate.
  • Ox: Juliet draws an ox and he charges at the enemy and pulls him towards Juliet.
  • Horse : Juliet draws a horse which can run at rapid speed, once he was able to run over water.
  • Tiger : Juliet draws a tiger and he rushes to the enemy and attacks him with his claws.
  • Pheonix : Juliet draws a pheonix and it bites and scratches the enemy with it's claws and peak.
  • Katana : Juliet draws a basic blue katana that can be used as a weapon. 
Viol's Spells
Name Description Appearance
Dillon MacKreath (ディロンマックリース Diron Makkurīsu)

Dilon is a drawing created by Viol and is a realist creation. He appears as a young boy clad in pedestrian clothing and a bandana around his head. He even has his own mannerisms and personality: he is overconfident and rash, confident in his abilities to the point where he has no qualms with challenging even some of the teachers of the Cheshire Academy of Sorcery Viol draws him several shadow like creatures and a sword when battling to give the illusion of him being a mage - giving him the appearance of using Sword Magic and Shadow Magic. He dissipates upon defeat.

Helbram (ヘルブラム Heruburamu)

Viol's most powerful realist drawing which takes the form of a tall man with long dark hair and clad in robes. He is an expert swordsman and also makes use of the matchstick creatures when enhanced with pict magic.

Matchstick (マッチスティック Matchisutikku)

These are abstract creations which appear similar to shadows. They have long, stick-like bodies with a spherical, faceless head and two arms which bare three claws. They can move along the ground and increase their length dramatically. They can swarm around either Dilon or Helbram to create the illusion of them being actual mages who can wield magic, although they are simply an extension of Viol's artistic talent and magical skill.

Brambles (荊棘 Keikyoku)

An enhancement spell which allows Matchstick creatures to extend needle-like appendages from their body to pierce a target. This is achieved by Viol quickly drawing large spines protruding from their body.

Enhancement (強化 Kyōka)

Viol draws his character with dark markings around their face, or even with a withered expression as well as dark sclera. Viol explains that by drawing focus from their appearance, the character is able to be drawn with more power and skills. However, the drawing becomes less realistic and becomes slightly more abstract and the personality of the character can become corrupted in a sense - Helbram appeared to become corpse-like.

Dark Sword (暗い剣 Kurai Ken)

A simple spell where Viol draws a dark coloured sword which can be wielded by either himself or another.

The Waste (廃棄物 Haiki-Mono)

A realist spell which draws a landscape around the area. It appears as a water-filled ground and several matchstick creatures extending form it like trees. He can draw others within the area and transport them to it willingly. He simply has to erase their drawing. The landscape is modelled after Viol's images of the swamp country - Caligo.

Abstract Scene
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