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Pīsu To Tekusucha


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Sabrina Waffle

Pieces And Texture (ピースとテクスチャ, Pīsu To Tekusucha) is a type of rare Caster Magic which was ultilized by Sabrina Waffle. The magic's process can be either "Fix-to-Combine" or "Destroy-to-Fix-to-Combine" depending on the situation. It is believed that Pieces And Texture was a type of Molding Magic as well, but there is no evidences to prove this just yet.


Pieces And Texture is rather a type of rare Caster Magic which focus on the combining's effect. Literally, the caster of this spell can only fuse junk parts and broken pieces together for the sole purpose of creating a new materials. Hence the tittle- ; "Junk" and "Broken", it is nearly impossible for the caster to make an advanced substances such as high-techno combat robots or a specially-designed cannon for their own's convenience. Thus, making this Magic as nearly useless to be wield. However, Pieces And Texture were proved to be worth the "rare" tittle when Sabrina Waffle manage to bring the magic into an excel usage of defensive and supplementary means when fighting. Pieces And Texture merely allow the user to destroy, fix and combine a solid objects into one, but it must be either old and uprooted, not the freshly-made metal such as Orichalcum and such. Talking about the Fix's effect, it mainly function to improve junk materials SLIGHTLY better while Combine revolves around the process of combining the required objects.



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