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“Tartarus? Ha! Don’t compare us to that pathetic excuse for Guild, full of manmade Demons! Our Guild is the real Hell on earth, with Real Hell Born Demons! We don’t make human’s lives Hell, we are HELL!” - Fraus explaining about Pits of Hell to the light Guild mages.

Pits of Hell (地獄のピットJigoku no pitto) is a major Dark Guild that has recently surfaced and has caused quite an uproar throughout all of Fiore, after the defeat of Tartarus. Not much is known about the guild or what runs it, but it’s rumored to have enough members and power to eliminate every creature in Fiore. Why they haven’t done so already remains a mystery.


Despite there not being any factual knowledge of the Guild, such as their base of operations or the count of their members, it is said by few surviving witnesses that they are a group that targets, tortures and captures people of faith and mages who specialize in holy or light based magic.

Building and Location

Pits of Hell Guild Building

Pits of Hell Guild Building

The Pits of Hell guild convenes in a large building located in what appears to be a rocky wasteland, with pine trees. Standing among the rocky landscape, the building takes the form of a giant, slight ruined, castle. The structure itself is very big and tall in size, containing many separate sections all atop one another. The two main bodies of the castle are noticeably in the shape of a large tower and decorated with numerous crenulations, the towers and roofs are more cone shaped. The building appears to be separated into two sections; the lower section where the gate and most of the towers are located, and the top section of the castle which rests on a large mountain like structure.

Surrounding the building are sharp, jutted out rocks and tall, lifeless pine trees, adding a more lifeless and cold looking appearance.

A few of the members of Pits of Hell find the structure to be “more cozy and homely than the dark pits.”

The castle itself is located in the centre of a large, spherical shape island, which got it the name, Core.


Most of the members of Pits of Hell are Demons originating from the Book of Zeref who, unlike Tartarus, don’t worship Zeref as they see him as cowardly and weak. Other, none Demon, members are capable of using Curses instead of Magic, which is only supposed to be used by Demons, making them a formidable force. There are 7 powerful individuals in the Guild, known as the 7 Lords of Discord, who are powerful enough to over through a small army.



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