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Another day in Fiore. The quiet surroundings suddenly became filled with music. However, Mastery was already planning to stop this.


"Why destroy the Guild? We could just take your daughter, and leave them alone." Bryony asked. "Your speaking in haiku again. By the way, what's the plan, Master?" Katsuro said. "Okay, listen everyone!" Mastery started to announce the group's plan:

"Bryony shall attack from the outside, creating a hole in the roof. Once we're inside, Katsuro will summon his Cornelius to create a large shockwave, blowing up the area. Everyone shall attack simultaneously. If this plan fails, you all know what to do. May luck be with us, in our battle."

"That is indeed great. Attack simultaneously. We must be victors." Bryony speaking in haiku, again. "Would you stop speaking like that?" Karin said to Bryony. "We still need to practice. Everyone shut your mouths." Mastery yelled.

Meanwhile, in Giant Wings, Madi was just sitting in the corner instead of partying with the other Guild members. "Madi, what's wrong?" Lina asked. "I'm worried that my father is very mad at me. For three months, I never came back to our house. If I do, my father may be in rage." Madi replied. "Come on, don't worry about it. Your father may be even sorry for being very protective for you. Wall Graner, he's my brother. He's been very protective, too. But sometimes, he felt sorry for me because I couldn't experience what other Mages do." Lina said. "Thank you, Lina" Madi replied as she wiped her tears.

Back in the mountains, Mikihisa Jacks kept asking Mastery. "Master, why do we still need to destroy the Guild? Also, why take back your daughter if you could just visit her there anytime?" Mikihisa asked. "You don't understand, Jacks. Yet you don't have a child." Mastery replied. Mastery walked away and left his subordinates practicing for battle.

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