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Plasma Dragon Slayer Magic is a Caster Type, Dragon Slayer Magic that uses the element of plasma for combat.  It can only be learned by the Plasma Dragon Plasmius.


As per usual with Slayer Magics, Plasma Dragon Slayer Magic allows the user to consume external sources of plasma in order to increase one's power and heal injuries.  This includes fire, lightning, and even magic that acts like the sun.  This generally makes them superior to Slayers of this type, but the user is incapable of eating God Slayer tear elements that are plasma.  However, only a Plasma God Slayer would be capable of consuming his attacks in turn.  Unlike other Slayer magics, a Plasma Dragon Slayer's spells are not superior to natural plasma, as natural plasma can reach tens of thousands of degrees.  The user is capable of generating plasma from their body, either in the form of blasts, concentrated blades, or as armor.  Naturally, the user's body has an immunity to plasma based attacks.

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