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Poison Isle
Poison Isle

ポイソン イスル


Poison Isuru

Location Statistics

Shisara Hideout

Located In


Controlled By

Shisara Clan


Shisara Clan


Varies with different seasons

Poison Isle is the location of one of the deadliest weaponmasters and assassins clan known throughout the world housing the clan of the Rytika and its current leading clan the Shisara. The island has earned its name of poison isle because of its weather and cursed farmlands, because of its natural poisonous weather the isle is home to one of the earth-land's most deadliest poison Cherry snow due to it only appearing during the winter and its appearance of cherry blossoms


This island was first discovered by at that point in time, 3 legends in their own field, the first who was a master of the body, whose fists could level armies, the second a master of all things weapons whose sword could slash continents and Arrows could pierce the sky, and finally A master of poison and deception who's poison could utterly and quietly slay an entire island in seconds.

The island used to be much bigger then it once was and in fact used to be a very generic and normal island until these 3 legends met on that island and fought. Their battle tore apart the island into 3 sections this island is one of those sections, there the poison master stood and as a result from his poison horrificly scarred the island.

After the battle the 3 masters stood completely unharmed by each other and formed a pact forever starting their legends and the clans which would inhabit these islands. Rumor has it that the poison master that fought is still on the island guarding his legendary poison brew and his secrets.


On this island stands only poisoned animals which adapted to the poison that spread from the battle, the weather of this island is very simple with very poisonous rain and incredibly poisonous snow which can quickly kill a full grown man in an instant. Surprisingly the island is inhabited by people who have adapted to the deadly poison being able to grow and eat what this poisonous island grows but as a downside the poison remains ever active in the vains of the Rytika clan their blood acidic and very deadly to those who are not of their clan.


Due to the nature of the poison and its lethality the island's inhabitants have banned outsiders from entering the island, in order for an outsider to enter the island they have to be able to beat the leader of the Shisara clan master who is very skilled in magics and weapons. The only people that are able to take the poison with them away from the island are the members of the Rytika clan who use them for reasons unknown at the moment.


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