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Possession Binding Ritual
Parent Magic

Seith Magic

The Posession Binding Ritual is a ritual used to permenantly bind a powerful soul to an object for the soul to control. It is an elaborate and dangerous ritual, but when done correctly, the soul bound to the object retains it's knowledge and personality while still being obedient to the ritual caster.


The ritual requires three important features: A caster that has a strong understanding of Seith Magic, a still recently deceased human who has not been dead for more than a week, an object with an empty lacrima attached to bind the soul to, and a magic circle including fourteen effigies of the seven deadly sins and the seven heavenly virtues. The Effigies must all be made to specific designs and all must have a drop of the caster's blood and the deceased's blood. Once these have been prepared, the ritual begins. The effigies glow with bright flames, all but the effigies representing the deceased burning away. (E.g. A ritual involving a chaste but vain woman would leave the Chastity and Pride effigies standing.)

If the ritual works, the effigies left standing will take on the appearance of the subject as they lived and the object will contain the soul of the deceased. The lacrima will appear to be a glass, blinking eye as the soul's personality is accented by their virtues and sins. (A proud soul will be more proud, a kind soul will be the kindest they can be) The soul will be able to move their new form as limited to their shape. (E.g. A spear could only wobble and bend back and forth, possibly move by hopping while a stuffed animal could easily walk on it's cotton paws.) Regardless of the body the soul is bound to, it can speak out loud in an echoing voice. If the ritual fails, the caster dies as their soul is displaced from their body.

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