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Praesepe Fist



Puresepe Fisuto

Parent Magic

Heavenly Body Magic


Daitan Morduin

Praesepe Fist (常流星団拳(プレセペ・フィスト), Puresepe Fisuto lit. Endless Shooting Star Cluster Fist) is a unique Heavenly Body Magic spell that diverts from the standard Meteor spell and was created by Daitan, being considered just as powerful and versatile as that which is based on.


This spell is essentially a close combat type that is shown to take the power of over hundred meteors and infuse it into the user's fist and then proceed to assault the opponent with said astronomical objects. To utilize Praesepe Fist, the user will go through the process of siphoning his magic with the Eternano around him while wearing their special bodysuit and will then proceed to draw on the power of hundred various meteor before quickly infusing said power into his either fist, causing it to glow brilliant golden. Once they has gone through with process, the user will unleash the stored up energy in the form of a volley of stellar energy bolts that rain down upon whatever happens to stand within his way. These stellar energy bolts are incredibly powerful as they are able to punch through steel with ease as though it is paper and can even be altered to where they can explode upon impact, thus unleashing an explosion with the immense force. By using this spell, the user is able to overwhelm his opponent with a myriad of energy bolt before they are eventually engulfed in an enormous blast. They can also preform this spell using both of their fists, unleashing a seemingly infinite amount of stellar bolts that will bombard their foe.


  • This spell was based on the Pegasus Meteor Fist from the series Saint Seiya.
  • Praesepe is a large open cluster of stars in the constellation Cancer; the Beehive.
  • Unintentionally, a young Tsuyo Morduin inspired this spell by suggesting that his father should try and in his own words "shoot a thousand trillion stars from his fist because it would look super awesome."
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