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She was a resident of an unknown village located in Caelum. Like Millianna, Erza Scarlet, Simon and the others, she was forcibly taken away by a Zeref-following cult for completion of the R-system, widely known as the Tower of Heaven. However, her Mother and brother resisted, which resulted on a fight but got killed in the process. After the Tower of Heaven Revolt[1] that is led by Erza, she managed to flee and made her way to Fiore. She became a wanderer and scavenger for years until she came across Mermaid Heel which adopted her to their tutelage and taught her the ways of combat. Like Chelia Blendy, her Magic is also self-taught from a book that was given to her by a shady guy from a guild somewhere in Fiore.

After meeting Kagura, the two established an undeclared rivalry. After the S-Class promotion trial of the Mermaid Heel that happened on the land of Enca[2], even though neither side are going down and both are in par with each other in terms of fighting prowess, their Master bestowed the title to Prima, which ignited their rivalry more.

At some point of her life, she also crossed paths with Mickey Chickentiger. Since both are proficient in the use of hand to hand combat, they also had a fight but resulted on Prima's loss. They met again after how many months after the said brawl but she still didn't succeed. Since then, she had acknowledge Mickey's strength and strives to train more, to make up for the lost she had.

Change of Heart

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Prima's day becomes sour, when she spots Emily, a little girl who happens to be a Mage. Thinking that the little girl can be the solution to her bad day, Prima approaches her with a malicious intent, but the little girl shows her kindness instead. Disgusted, she goes in a blind rage and assaults Emily. However, not having any Magical abilities to fight back or to defend for herself, Prima was defeated by Emily, who also shares her tale about having a miserable past, and tells Prima to live on.


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