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Proxy Use
Proxy Shell

プラクシ シユエル


Purakushi Shueru


Caster Magic


Victor Saith

Proxy Shell (プラクシシユエル Purakushi Shueru)Is a very unique Caster Magic that is classified as an Evasive type magic, not meant for combat, but meant for quick escapes at the hands of powerful spells by creating a replication of themselves with a physical manifestation of Eternano that creates a second skin. 


It begins by the user producing a powerful manifestation of Eternano around their entire body, slowly adding it to every part of their bodies as the user hardens it into a second layer, an exact replication of themselves in every detail and form. In some cases, the user can simply allow themselves to slide out of the skin through the back, like a layer of skin on a snake, capturing the user's exact position, gesture, and even reaction to whatever they encountered that would make them have to shed the Eternano shell. The second use is in combat, but is considered to be a very difficult style to master as it takes focus, quick reaction time, and expert control over one's own Eternano. When the user comes into immediately contact with any form of spell, Caster, Holder, or Lost, the shell would immediately react as it would quickly be much more easier to slide out of, allowing the user to make a quick escape as the true damage of the attack is dealt to the replication of the user. 

There have been recorded moments of master's of this magic adding more than one layer, allowing for more easier escapes out of most forms of magic that can affect the user both physically and mentally, and even at times the replications can take on life of their own as they often can also serve as distractions to the opponent while the user charges up to use another magic. However with this magic comes certain risks, the more shells the user produces, the heavier and slower they get, meaning that in order to be able to make multiple ones the user would have to be very physically fit to be able to move at their normal speeds. Each replication of a user is also considered to be fragile when the user is out of the shell, meaning that once the attack is absorbed into the replication, it breaks apart and the Eternano is released back into the atmosphere. Lastly due to the multiple amounts of magic energy it would take to make one single replicate entirely, this result throws the user's own energy replication out of other, resulting in them unable to use any other forms of magic if too many shells are made at one, leaving the user of this magic vulnerable to any other attacks at them. 

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