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Psychic Arts

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"98% of a fight is a mental battle between fighters. The 2% that represents the physical aspect of a battle is only the physical manifestation of the mental battle."
— A powerful psychic explaining the principles of Psionics to his student.

Psionics also known as Psychic Magic, is a rare magic practiced among only the strongest minded individuals. Users of this magic are referred to as "psychics." Psionics is a form of Caster Magic fighting style that is said to be the combination of Light and Darkness Magic because while Light and Darkness Magic only merges a single type of emotion with magic power, this magic merges the user's entire mentality with their magic power.


Kuroko Teleporting

A psychic using Psionics to teleport

This magic allows the user to give their mental energy a physical form with the help of magic power, in order to perform various mental-based and psychic abilities. There are two types of manifested mental energy. The first is called psychic energy. Psychic Energy is a type of energy that is generally shown to be a purple color, but it isn't rare to find user's who can wield psychic energy with a different color. These alternative colors usually represent the user's mental state in one way or another. Users are able are to produce and control this energy for a wide variety of purposes. The second form of physical
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Psychic Energy

mental energy is called psychic wave. Psychic Wave can be transformed into an element called "Psychic Element." Due to the power of these elements, users are only able to transform psychic wave into two to three elements per users. Along with being able to affect the physical world, Psychic Elements are able to affect the target mentally as well such as brainwashing with psychic water. These elements are identified by their purple color and by the fact that Slayer's find it difficult to consume these elements due to the presence of the users mental energy in the element. In addition since Psychic Elements are created from the user's mental energy, Psychic Elements are shown to be produced from the body instead of being created like normal Elemental Magic. Finally, like all of the other abilities that Psionics grant the user, the strength of a Psychic Element is related to the strength of the user's mental prowess. This means while it may be difficult, it isn't impossible for a user to wield elements that are on par with Slayer Magic.


Pyschic Magic a wide variety of drawbacks that usually show themselves when this magic is overused. The first is drawback, is that control is very important. Lack of control can put a lot of mental strain on the user. This is because in order to manifest mental energy, the user has to use the full extent of their mental prowess for extended periods of times. It is for this reason that it is uncommon to find a user that uses this magic as their main for of combat. Instead, most users generally use this magic to boost the efficiency of their other abilities or magic, deal with weak foes, or to simply give them an edge in battle.

Notable Users

  • Slifer Soraryū
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