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Caster Magic


Zyn Family

Pulsato (パルス, Parusu) is a Caster Magic and is known to only one family in Fiore, the Zyn family. Treated almost as a family heirloom, this is a rare and powerful magic, one which allows the caster to create pulses through one's own Magical Power and ambient Eternano, energies that exist even within the most perfect vacuum. By manipulating the pulse to suit the user's own whims, an almost unlimited number of feats can be achieved. By applying most of the force of the pulse on its edge, the cater can send out a broad area shockwave capable of slicing and rending almost any material, including magic itself. By lessening the pressure on their pulses, the user can create a dense shockwave of energy which imparts its energy perfectly to objects and structures, effectively making themselves tear each other apart. In this way, even materials that are naively labelled "indestructible" can be destroyed. By tightly compacting a pulse and aiming it at an attack, the caster can create an almost impenetrable shield against any number of attacks, physical or otherwise, stopping and even reflecting most projectiles. It is rather unusual in the sense that as a magic it does not achieve a specific effect such as an elemental manipulation, rather it is merely an extremely advanced expansion of basic manipulation of ones own Magical Power. Therefore, as Magical Power exists within the casters body, they are also capable of achieving numerous superhuman feats, such as strength, extrasensory perception due to extremely heightened awareness to fluctuations and "pulses" around them, and perhaps most notably, speed. By rapidly gathering and releasing energy in their legs and arms, the caster can enhance their strength to almost gargantuan proportions. By using this strength, to kick off the ground, the user can send themselves rocketing forward like a missile, only stopping when they stop gathering and releasing enrgy in pulses, or when they encounter something too hard to destroy, a dangerous scenario, as the energy would be reverberated back into the users body. At higher levels of mastery, the user can actually manipulate pulses rather than just creating them, and all kinetic energy can be manipulated on the whim of a proficient caster.

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