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Purple Phoenix

パーウプル フォエニックス




Alden Virkov

S-Class Mages

Kyoko Matarin
Lycon Lokitar
Dex D. Draco


Legal Guild


Verdant, Fiore

Purple Phoenix is a legal guild located somewhere in Fiore. It is open to a wide variety of jobs available for its members. The guild itself is rather new and a large party of its stronger members are currently bickering between each other over who should be the guild master. Their purpose is to have fun, fight strong opponents, and get drunk and fun antiques.


The guild was founded in large part due to Alden and Reid's team and with it, Alden went off to find another mage of his level while Reid's team looked for a location for the guild. Alden found Vivian and at first she refused breaking his jaw in the process, but overtime she accepted it. Reid's team found a location in the city where the Fairy tail guild was previously based before it disbanded, building a new building there where the once mighty guild previously stood. At that day the Purple Phoenix was born the only problem was that they couldn't agree on who should be guild master, or guild ace.

This problem eventually was solved with a battle royale for top spot in which Alden won despite having 3 broken ribs, a fractured knee, and a broken jaw he came out the victor. Vivian was given the guild ace position as a result of her beating the heck out of Alden before eventually going down. Recently it joined in with the Toveri Alliance after having a run in with one of its affiliated guilds Alden agreed to have his guild join up with them.

After a rather sudden meeting regarding the possibility Fairy Tail could still exist and would most likely like their guild compound back Alden and Vivian informed the guild that they were relocating to Verdant where they will rebuild an even better guild local then the one they had previously although currently in the works and construction efforts are underway they relocated to a new location in Verdant.


Located in Magnolia, Fiore where the Fairy Tail guild stood before they disbanded. Although they have as of now relocated the guild compound near Verdant City relocating from Magnolia to Verdant on the top of a cliff both overlooking the sea and the town from its heightened throne.


Purple Phoenix possesses several incredibly strong makes, capable of ranking in fourth place in the Grand Magic Games. Having been temporarily based in Magnolia the guild has located the previously owned Jupiter Cannon and has claimed it as its own. It has since replicated and created an additional Jupiter cannon but when they relocated the guild one of the cannons was lost in transit.


Name Rank Team Status
Alden VirkovGuild MasterNoneActive
Vivian IvyGuild AceNoneActive
Kyoko MatarinS-Class MageNoneActive
Dex D. DracoS-Class MagePhoenix ChasersActive
Lycon LokitarS-Class MageNoneActive
Lilianna LokitarMageNoneActive
Sykira StrykriMageNoneActive
Beru MageNoneActive
Tori FreezMageTeam LancersActive
Fyoka Lupita MageNoneActive
Reid AquirreMagePhoenix ChasersActive
Nui TusarMagePhoenix ChasersActive
Tisha PierceMagePhoenix ChasersActive
Naoto RodenMagePhoenix ChasersActive
Ray TylerMageNoneActive
Dreaded SilverMageTeam LancersLeft Guild
PincerMageTeam LancersActive
Kira TsunogamiMageTeam LancersActive
Chiku NekuraMageNoneActive
Dominique AlzadoMageNoneActive
YmirMageNoneLeft Guild
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