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New Quasars
New Quasars
Professional Status


Professional Status

Jason Gaebolg


Julius Kaizar
Verve Adams

After Black Void was disbanded, Jason reformed the Quasars with two new mages, hoping to avenge his former failures against Aether Cade and Samarra Inari.


Despite the loss in membership, the New Quasars are even stronger than the previous group. Although Jason is still the strongest, his new recruits are no pushovers. Julius Kaizar is considered to be one of the physically strongest men alive, using Strength and Shockwave Magic as his specialty. He also utilizes the rare Kishin Soul Take Over, which basically allows him to transform into a sword person. One attack from this spell was enough to knock out Aether Cade, Odin, and Miriam Cade in one attack each. Verve Adams is also incredibly strong. His strength allowed him to easily knock out Walter King, and a wounded William Harrison. They also managed to fight on par with the S-Class candidates of Dragon Gunfire, who were more prepared for the rest of the battle.


Jason Gaebolg: The leader of the Quasars. A former member of both Grimoire Heart and Tartaros, Jason's positive emotions have slowly been whittled away by years of neglect and emotional pain. He's the strongest Mage of the former guild Black Void and is secretly bonded with Mephiles, an Etherious with a curse that allows him to take over his opponent's body by entering through their blood.

Julius Kaizar: An incredibly strong, red-haired man, renown as the strongest man in the world. He also utilizes the powerful Kishin Soul, making his body like a sword, capable of moving at incredibly high speeds. His speed and piercing ability has given him the alias the Almighty Spear.

Verve Adams: A man who's magic power is pure, yet doesn't care much for the outside world. He has been paired with Julius for many years, as he prefers not to kill people.

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