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R-Ivo 9 (イヴォ; R - ivu~o 9) is a member of the Inner Circle, the elite team of Manus Zeref , bearing the rank and title of Second Rook.


R-Ivo 9 (full)

R-Ivo behind its cloak

R-ivo 9 is a very lanky yet imposing individual, one of the tallest member of the Inner Circle. It wears a white, ankle- length cloak which encompasses its whole figure. Its face is hidden by a metallic enclosed helmet, which has a peak on its center with slits on both sides. Apparently lacking of a ventail, the gear is a single block opened by four strips on every side of R-Ivo profile; under them glances a single, monochromatic eye.

Behind is cape, its body is shown to be entirely composed of strong, plasticized fibers, the same material which its extendable tendrils are made of.  R-Ivo possess a broad upper torso, clad in a plated armor used to cover its weaponry. A single, large egg-shaped plate on its chest seems to hold together the whole body; a larger tendril, similar to a tube, connect it to another oval plate covering its pubic zone. It has the same type of armor plating on his forearms and hips.



Magic and Abilities




R-Ivo appearance is based on BG9 from Bleach.

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