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Female Female


Alchemilla Academy

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Yellow

Skin Tone



1.95 meters

Professional Status

Alice Springs

Base of Operations

Fiore, Alchemilla

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Ianuae Magicae

Powers & Equipment

Fire Dragon Slayer Magic (火の滅竜魔法 Ka no Metsuryū Mahō?)

Ra (ラー ?) is major character in The Nightmare Comes. She's a human female S-Class-league spellcaster and resident Dragon Slayer of fire in Alchemilla. She's a hot-tempered young woman who only sees others has hostile of any degree (mainly towards males) but those she considered friends, and has the tendency to "fight first then ask questions". According to herself, she's the daughter of Amun-Ra, an fire dragon and thus a first-generation dragon slayer, and close friends to Ianuae Magicae.

Ra was born over 400 years during the midst of the Dragon civil war that raged on. Her family killed by the battles between the pro-dragons and the anti-human dragons, was soon protected and saved by Amun-Ra, one of the Dragon Emperors from the distant land of Eurasia. Raised in his care, Amun taught the girl Dragon Slayer Magic, as well as mathematics and even language. Soon enough not having been named, the girl was bestowed his name and was called Ra. The dragont then sent Ra to live with Anna to learn more on what he can not teach, and would have Anna send the child to the future.


Ra (full body1)

Ra's full body

Ra is an 1.95 meter (6.4ft) tall tanned skinned buxom human woman of muscular appearance. She has dark blonde hair, which she keeps in an messy, untied fashion with its length reaching downwards towards her hips, and dark yellow eyes.

Due to her Slayer Magic that oddly enough, continously releases heat and herself getting too hot, she rarely wears clothing but revealing dark browk bikini. However sometimes, she may wear an brown lined sweatshirt with short pants with the request of certain individuas. However she's always seen wearing an yellow gauntlet that goes from her hand to her elbow on both arms, and an long leg armour that extends down to her upper thigh to her ankle (obviously with an joint for movement). Down to the feet she wears another yellow armour for her feet, and back to her head two rectangle accessrories.

Another occasion mainly during public outings or travel, she would be forced to wear clothing consiting of a yellow top with an long-sleeved undershirt of black color. Dark brown pants that holds an similar tanned color to her skin, with yellow shoes.


Magic & Abilities

Fire Dragon Slayer Magic (火の滅竜魔法 Ka no Metsuryū Mahō?): Ra was the foster human daughter of Amun-Ra, an legendary semi-mythical dragon of Eurasian mythology, and supposedly one of the oldest dragons. Upon locating Ra, Amun would teach her the art of Slayer Magic for slaying dragons, along with the essentials for language, mathematics and other subjects. Like the other Slayers, Amun vanished from her sight, and was soon adopted by two human individuals who found her.

Enhanced Smell: Ra has a keen sense of smell, capable of dinstinquishing the known and unknown smells with ease, along with their sense of direction. She's capable of smelling miles away, and even used this to quickly defend key points upon invaders Alchemilla, and even understand and smell out assassins.

Superhuman Strength: Ra possess hightened strength that allowed him to perform feats of strength and capabilities. Out of pure strength alone, she's capable of leaping as high as a two-story household, and even had the capacity to effortlessly smash an incoming cannon ball to the side with her own fist.

Enhanced Reflexes & Agility: Ra while incorportating smell, has heightened reflexes and incredibly agile on her feet. She's shown to easily react and smash a cannon ball to the side, soemthing most humans would potentially not see coming.

Immense Durability & Endurance: Ra's durability is the most impressive part of her physical conditioning, capable of withstanding high stress and trauma for long periods of time, including extensive physical activities. Her will to perform an action, or to continue fighting.

Great Magic Power: Ra has been commented on her magic power, being far greater then anyone in town currently, she's capable of manifesting her magic power in the form of fiery-red magical rods that circles around her, the crystallization of her magic which incorportates Dragon Slayer Magic.

  • S-Class Magical Aura: Ra is able to exert her magic power into a aura form manifesting into the outside, physical world, which exerts high levels of heat, though she has high degree of control and only does it to cause discomfort.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Ra is shown as an highly potent and proficient unarmed combatant, which she often utilized her Dragon Slayer Magic into the combination of martial art techniques she performs. Thanks to her rather heightened physical reflexes, strength and agility, she's able to easily go toe-to-toe with other proficient fighters for a period of time, incoportating her magic into the slashes and kicks she does.


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