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In the Fairy Tail universe, there are various magical and non-magical creatures that inhabit both Earthland and Edolas and most likely any other world that may exist. These creatures can be classified in various ways such as magical/non-magical, humanoid, insectoid, reptillian or avian etc.

Creature Classification

Races in the Fairy Tail universe can be classified using the Castor Scale (), this is a measure of how intelligent, dangerous and civilized a particular race is using roman numerical symbols, the scale was developed by Polline Castor in late x760

The Castor Scale

Symbol Description Examples
I Harmless, harmless and docile creatures. Hane-Sakana, Tenrou Squirrel
II Fairly harmless races, includes occasional annoyances or pests. Clipper
III Creatures of average intelligence and danger, usually capable of Magic. Vulcan, Exceed
IV Civilized races, capable of great intelligence, magic and could be presented as dangerous. Humans, Elves
V Almost legendary races, capable of extraordinary magic, most certainly dangerous. Dragons, Demons, Goddesses, Apostle, Saints, Genshi

List of Races

Name Castor Rating Description
Alat III Magical rabbit-like creatures
Ammalahvi IV Giant spider/money hybrids capable of human speech
Bakshi I Chamaeleons
Bodras III Large, pig-like creatures
Cat Sithe IV Humanoid beings with Wild Cat abilities and characteristics; all have a Feline Soul.
Celestial Spirit I - V Inter-dimensional magical beings
Chibi Spirits Unknown Inter-dimensional magical beings
Clipper II Aggressive avians
Cubina Gamal III Herbivorous animals capable of human speech
Curily II Tree-dwelling rodents
Death Watch V Legendary humanoid avians
Demons V Curse using magicl humanoids with demonic charateristics
Doscadon III Carnivrous, dinosaur-like creatures
Dragon V Legendary, winged, magical reptiles believed extinct
Elf IV Magical humanoids, distinguished by elongated ears
Exceed III Magical felines originally from Edolas
Giants IV Colossal humanoids
Gigante III-V Feral cousins of Giants with varying intelligence and power levels
Grand Magic Games Monsters IV Various monsters, who have a separate classing system
Goblins IV Small humanoids capable of magic
Hane-Sakana I Winged fish
Hebian IV Human-like people with the ability to alter their apparent age
Human IV Potentially magical and dominant species in Earthland and Edolas
Kitsune V Legendary magical foxes
Land Angler III Large beasts capable of human speech, commonly referred to as trolls
Legion III Large, winged beasts native to Edolas
Lizardmen III Humanoid reptiles
Magical Wolf III Magical wolves with the capability for human speech
Mithran IV Magical humanoids capable of transforming into hideous beasts
Necro Elf IV/V Subterranean elvish humanoids who practice Necromancy
Nirvanahound V Legendary, with wolf-like forms, ranked far above angels as they were one of the first things in existence.
Phoenix V Legendary, colossal avians
Rollidillo III Large armadillo-like reptiles
Shikigami Unknown Inter-dimensional magical beings
Spirit-Luminescent Bug I Biolumenescent insects
Spirits V Literal embodiements of Ethernano, can preform magic that is impossible for the human wizard to accompllish.
Tenrou Squirrel II Extremely uncommon rodents, native to Tenrou Island
Weretiger IV Humanoid felines
Winter Wolves IV-V Highly dangerous, intelligent, capable of human speech, and have extraordinary magic.
Wyvern IV Enormous, winged reptiles
Vulcan III Anthromorphic, magical primates, capable of human speech
Zaur III Telepathic humanoids
Lich IV Undeads those souls have been stored in special Lachriyama, wich replaces their hearts.


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