"My body is a beatiful statue... Immortal!"
Raftela Forker

Raftela Forker

the Untouchable

Name Raftela Forker

the Untouchable

Race Human
Birthday October 31th
Age 56
Gender Female Female
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Affiliation Death's Head Caucus Guild
Occupation Assasin/ Guild's "eye"
Base of Operations Death's Head Caucus Guild
Personal Status
Status Unknown
Alias the Untouchable
Magic Sense Magic, Magic Control, Invisibility Magic

Raftela Forker is a powerful member of the Death's Head Caucus Guild. She is the "eye" of the guild and the others minor members don't know about her exixtence.



The body of Raftela




Magic and Abilities

Sense Magic: Involves sensing the flow, size and movement of the magic within a magic body or object, thus giving the user the ability to predict attacks and defend accordingly. Raftela can also sense magic within a enormous distance.

Magic Control: Raftela can manipulate the magic within the mage or monsters. she can distort their focus, changing the trajectories of their attacks, but, according to her, she can't fully control it to the point of completely halt attacks. Raftela's manipulation technique has no effect against full-powered attacks. If this technique is used in a huge concetration, she can immobilize, manipulate and force others mages to exceed their limits or even reducing the usage of magic to make it weaker.

Invisibilitiy Magic: With this magic, Raftela can occult her appearence to other living beings. By her simple desire, she can create illusions to the watchers that Raftela disappears. She can also "erase" her within the someone memory. Nobody can sense her with this magic, and is impossible to chase her. She can also alter her entire body to making her "invisible".

Immense Strenght: Her strenght and body allows to do incredible things, like lifting several tons, crash walls like "punching the air", and even the weakest level of Raftela's strenght overpass the limits of a bulky mage. she can also receive damage without doing serious scars, but it's almost impossible.

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