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Ayame Sasaki

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Rage is a very powerful caster magic. It is also a form of Emotion Magic. Rage enables the user to use the rage inside them for extremely powerful spells. It is a magic of raw power. 


Though this is a powerful magic, Rage can only be activated when the user is mad. This magic cannot be used when the user is happy as the magical energy comes from their anger. This magic can also be used when the user is annoyed or frustrated but the magical power of it will be weak. The stronger the anger, the stronger the power. When a person activates rage, their eyes start glowing red and a crimson aura surrounds them. This magic has no form of defense because this magic is all about raw magical energy.

 It is rare for people to know this magic as it is very difficult to learn. To learn this magic, a person must know a certain spell of emotion magic. This spell is called Power of the Emotions. A person must feel rage inside them while using this spell. When this happens, Rage will be activated and the user will faint because people cannot control the amount of power it contains the first time they transform. Another factor of this magic is that if the user isn’t strong enough, they may get damaged physically or even die. Ayame Sasaki is the only known user of Rage that hasn't died.

Rage doesn't have many spells as the most common spell of Rage is a powerful unnamed energy blast. Rage gives the user the ability to fly, have increased strength, increased speed and a raging desire to destroy everything. 


Ayame's Spells

  • Torture Sphere
  • Demon’s Halo
  • Raging Lightning
  • Piercing Rage Whip


  • Rage was inspired by vampires.
  • This picture is of Yuki Cross from Vampire

Knight, I have no claim over it.

  • Rage was originally supposed to be a Defense

Type Magic. 

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