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Rai Kento
Name Rai Kento
Kanji ライ健人
Rōmaji Rai Kento
Race Human
Birthday January 2nd
Age 18
Gender Male Male
Height 1.88m (6.2 feet)
Weight 74kg (163 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Sky Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Wizard
Previous Occupation Student
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Kenichi Kento (Brother)

Yuichiro Kento (Father)
Haru Yamazaki (Mother)

Alias Vulgar Sadist (俗サド Zoku Sado)
Magic Lightning Magic
Rai Kento (ライ健人 Rai Kento) Is Kenichi Kento's older brother and an independent wizard known throughout the continent as the Vulgar Sadist.


Rai is a lean man with a muscular stature. The highlight of his appearance being the shinning blue hair and his equally blue eyes, features that differ from the typical Kento look. He doesn't wear anything specific and is always seen with new gear however, one thing that remains throughout all his outfits, are his shades.


Rai is oddly calm, some even describing him as emotionless. He is laid-back, speaks little to no at all and is. He's easy going and forgiving to say the least. However, all of that is an act, a facade behind his true demeanor. Rai, when ticked or exposed, or just feels like it, becomes a sadistic, loud and ruthless, hesitant he is not when killing others with cold blood. He considers everyone to be inferior to his own self and that he's superior to everyone and everything. Alienating himself from measly humans.

Despite his attitude, Rai showed a merciful side when he allowed his parents along with his younger brother to live after the massacre he created several years ago.



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