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Name Ramses
Kanji ラムセス
Rōmaji Ramusesu
Alias Ramses the Great
Race Human
Age ???

Male Male

Height 7'0"
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color ???
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Sorrow Ocean
Previous Affiliation Magic Council
Occupation Mage
Personal Status
Status Active
Marital Status ???
Relatives ???
Magic Earth Magic
Dark Écriture
Weapons Sword
Lord Ramses is a Guild Ace currently affiliated with the Sorrow Ocean guild and a former member of the Magic Council.


Ramses is a very imposing man that sports traditional Egyptian headgear and clothing. He also carries a sword around with him and has been proclaimed to be an excellent swordsman.


Ramses personality-wise is known to be very intelligent and diplomatic individual. Ramses is known not only as “Ramses the Great,” but also as a great warrior, builder, family and religious man. In all these categories he seemed to excel. He is also known to be a very political man and at one point was a member of the Magic Council which at an unknown point he chose to step down from for reasons unknown.


Born into a very political family, Ramses from the time of his birth had excelled at everything he learned in his life from his sword skills and magic abilities to being a great builder and a key member for the Magic Council in which he gained a seat on the council at an unprecedented young age being in his late teens. At an unknown point he chose to step down from the council for what he claims were personal reasons and went on a personal journey to solely train his mind, body and magic abilities.

Magic & Abilities

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