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Ray Magic



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Barthram Severne

Ray Magic (光線の魔法(こうせんまほう), lit. Light Ray Magic) is a Caster-Type Magic that was created by Barthram Severne and is an obvious off shoot of the classic Light Magic. Ray Magic complements Barthram's aggressive and fast paced nature and while it obviously leaves no room for defense due to his offensive nature, it's offensive nature alone can more than compensate for its shortcomings.


As the name suggest, this type of magic obvious allows the user to create and control charged condensed beams or rays, including sunlight, plasma, ultraviolet, normal light, x-rays, cosmic rays, gamma rays, laser and even, hard light spears. Severne can project concentrated beams of these aforementioned energies for offensive purposes and in fact, he once used this ability to create extremely deadly microwave beams and bombarded his opponent passively till he eventually died and obviously due to the nature of microwaves, the opponent won't see most if not all of the attacks coming. Since normal humans cannot perceive anything outside of visible light spectrum, it is very unlikely for them to notice beams heading their way as most of them are either ultraviolet, gamma ray or microwaves. The result of the beam could be concussive, dispersive or explosive, and depending on what the beam is composed. He can control these beams to such a degree that he can completely diminish their piercing capability and turn them into concussive beams of massive force. He can project these rays or beams from his palms, fingers, mouth and even eyes. He can create, shape and manipulate laser light, intense, coherent, monochromatic, parallel beam of light. He can also completely control the path of these beams within the limited range of ten meters, thus making them extremely difficult to dodge.


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