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Raydon Takamashiwa
Raydon Taka
Name Raydon Takamashiwa
Race Human
Age 28
Gender Male
Eyes Black/Gray
Hair Blond
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Alchemist Curiald S-Class Mage
Occupation Mage
Personal Status
Alias Monk Of Lightning
Magic Lightning Magic


Raydon Takamashiwa is a S-Class Mage from Alchemist Curiald Guild.


Raydon is 28 year old S-Class Mage from Alchemist Curiald Guild. He wears a purple jacket and purple jeans. He wears some accessories from enemies he defeats. 


Raydon has a child-kind of personality, because of that he likes to play with younger people. He dislikes when someone harms young people.

Magic & Abilities

Lightning Magic is an Elemental Caster Type Magic that utilizes the element of lightning.

  • Lightning Bubble: Raydon swiftly points his index finger and starts shooting multiple lightning bubble's.
    • Explosion Form: Raydon punches the ground and makes the bubble's merge to one huge bubble that explodes at opponent.
    • Toy Form: Raydon makes the bubble's be ineffective.
  • Lightning Space: When Raydon punches his opponent he swiftly punches him again and then he points 3 random fingers at him and massive exploding lightning balls gets shot at Raydon's opponent(s). If opponent(s) run, lightning balls follow.
  • Thunderstorming This Day: Rhydon darts toward his opponent and charges up a huge amount of lightning and his punching power increases really highly. After the attack his body get electrified and makes him faster.
  • Thunderstorming This Week: Rhydon takes out a darts and electrifies them and throws them at his opponent. If darts miss then they make a huge thunder dragon head, that tackles Raydon's opponent with the speed of light.

Immense Magic Power: Raydon possesses a large amount of Magic Power. He can release his Magic Power as a potent aura around him, which can cause even the ground itself to shake.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Raydon is an extremely proficient unarmed fighter.


Robe of Monks : This robe is made from various metal.

  • Enhanced Lightning Magic: This armor increases Raydon's Lightning Magic

Darts: Raydon uses Darts on several occasions.

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