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地力の開眼 (リアライゼーション)




Caster Magic
Lost Magic
Forbidden Magic



Realization (地力の開眼 (リアライゼーション), Riaruaizēshon; Literally meaning "Spiritual Awakening of One's Own Potential") is a Caster-based Lost Magic that was deemed as Forbidden by the Magic Council due to the sheer disaster that such a Magic could entail. However, by unnamed means, Tamuro managed to learn the secrets of this art and used it for numerous heinous purposes.



Realization awakening one's Magic Origin.

Realization is a form of Magic that centralizes around a primary concept: an individual's latent potential. This is specifically in regards to one's latent magical potential; in other words, their ability to utilize magical power in order to produce Magic. As a baseline, all accomplished Mages would understand that Ethernano is the magical particle that enables individuals to utilize Magic. Their Magic Origin absorbs said Ethernano and it is modified in accordance to the type of Magic being utilized, before being expressed in a variety of manners. As such, the base function of what is regarded as the Magic Origin is simple: the absorption and regulation of external and internal magical energy. Upon comprehending this, the basis of the Magic's mechanisms become obvious to the eye of the beholder: the manipulation of the Magic Origin in order to alter an individual's magical potential.

The basis for the functioning of Realization lies in rather simplistic origins, albeit the ability to perform such a task is by no means easy. The primary necessity for these interactions is physical contact. Physical contact between two mages enables a sufficiently skilled mage to actively send their power through their body and, accordingly, to the Magic Origin in question...

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