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Sosei Mahō


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Reanimation Magic (蘇生魔法, Sosei Mahō) is one of the most darkest of the Black Arts.


This is a Black Art for recalling dead souls to the physical world, and using them to reanimate lifeless bodies as Living Corpse. However, this magic doesn't bring dead back to life exactly. Infact most mages aren’t skilled enough to recall a soul, so they use their Magic Power to move a dead body as little more than a soulless zombie. For those that truly possess the power to summon the dead. The souls summoned back to the living world, and forced into a soulless dead body isn’t considered a true resurrection.

Considered a blasphemous act to tamper with the soul and to reunite it with a physical shell, is just one of its flaws brought about this magic. Another one is that the reanimated suffer in pain beyond words. The forced union of a dead soul and a lifeless body isn’t a stable practice. More often than not, a reanimated body will fall apart like a broken doll being played with.


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