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Reaper Magic: Reversal

死神魔法: 逆転


Shinigami Mahō: Gyakuten

Parent Magic

Reaper Magic


Enma Hakuryū

Reaper Magic: Reversal (死神魔法: 逆転, Shinigami Mahō: Gyakuten) is a Reaper Magic Spell and one of Enma Hakuryū's most used spells.


This is a spell often used by Enma Hakuryū in order to end his use of Reaper Magic. By removing the spine from his borrowed body, Enma is able to pull off the shroud of darkness that encases his body. Enma can simply place the spine back in position in order to take the transformation on once more or he can even place the shroud over another to protect them by placing the spine in position on their body. With the spine in his own hands, he gains a new weapon when he wishes, as it transforms into a massive double-bladed scythe capable of eating elements. However, it should be known that he can simply access this spell in order to just form the scythe in his hands to fight.

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