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Rebirth Magic



Gyakuni Mahō


Caster Magic


Asbel Mordio

Rebirth Magic (に逆魔法, Gyakuni Mahō, lit. "Reversal Magic") is a seemingly harmful, yet powerful Caster Magic that is utilized by Asbel Mordio


Rebirth Magic is a complicated Magic to master as it involves a completion of specific steps in order to fully utilize. When it is first initiated against the user's target, it is able to revert anything back to the state of zero, or in other words, its beginning. Once this has been done, the user is able to restore or revert the user's target or even inanimate objects in the vicinity back to any of the previous states in the target's history. WIth this Magic the user is able to reverse chemical changes and complex structures back into to their raw components, such as reverting Fire Magic back to its core components (Fire, Oxygen, and Fuel). Once the core components are created, the user is able to combine and utilize various parts in order to form new attacks, using the previous example, combining flames with air in order to attack their target with a heat wave.

With this Magic, the user may also take it in the opposite direction and begin fusing objects together, such as merging Fire Magic with Stone in order to form Magma to attack or defend.  The user is also able to fuse various everyday objects that are around them in order to form unique weapons, which is sometimes mistaken as a form of "alchemy" from various myths. Rebirth Magic can revert damage to before it happens, however, it is unable to remove the pain that is associated with the damage taken. 

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