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Red Core Magic

Caster Magic


Seireitou Takahashi

Red Core Magic is a Caster-Type magic which allows the user to control red energy for various uses. It is a magic form created by Seireitou Takahashi.


Red Core Magic is a unique form of magic created by Seireitou Takahashi. It allows Seireitou to speed up the natural absorption of magic in the air and channel it, multiplying it to create a versatile red energy that can be used for a variety of techniques without consuming any of his own magic at all. However, the spells are naturally a bit weaker than spells that use his own energy, but Seireitou can negate this by powering them up with his own magic if need be.


Seireitou's Spells


  • While not intentional, this magic resembles the method of Quincy combat from Bleach, to absorb ambient spirit particles to create the Quincy Bow.
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