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"It's best if you keep your nose out things, young prince. It'll prevent you from getting hurt in the near future. Take the warning to heart, lest you regret it later on." — Gilvan Astraius
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Red Dwarf Erosion
Red Dwarf Erosion



Akawaisei no Shinshoku


Ancient Magics of the Thirteen Otherworldly Virtues
Caster Magic
Subspecies Magic
Ancient Spell
Fire Magic
Light Magic
Solar Magic


Qernidia Yeager

Red Dwarf Erosion (赤矮星の侵食, Akawaisei no Shinshoku) is considered to be the most powerful fire-based magic in the Heroic Chronicles series, rightfully earning the epithet of "Absolute Embodiment of Fire" (純然現の火, Junzengen no Hi) — thus unsurpassed by any other; like its brethren, it's one of the Ancient Magics of the Thirteen Otherworldly Virtues — aspects of the Supreme God himself and the universe as a whole, representing the Sun (太陽, Taiyō).

Fully mastered and skillfully utilized by its oldest and only user to-date, Qernidia Yeager — partially serving as the basis for his epithet "Immutable Seraphic Blade of the Heated Terrene" (陽星の常聖剣, Yōsei no Tokoseiken), amongst the Spriggan Twelve, it's a Caster Magic and Ancient Spell — preceding nearly every known magic outside of those in its group. Despite serving as the basis of all fire and light elemental magics, it's classified as a Subspecies Magic because it utilizes the concepts of the aforementioned to such extremes. It's rumored to be responsible for Solar Magic's creation, as it utilizes this magic's basics but to lesser extremes — allowing its casters to emulate Red Dwarf Erosion to an extent.


"The sun emits light. It shines light on every living thing in the world.... and makes them live on. The sun is the true power that operates the world."
— Qernidia's allusion to this magic's capabilities and role in the order of the universe.

Solar Mode

"Feel the power of the sun!"
— Qernidia's activation of Solar Mode in his wrath, bringing out and embodying the sun's true capabilities.


  • This is wholly based on Erosion of the Sun — the main power of the Fallen Archangel Uriel, from the webtoon, Soul Kartel.
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