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"Useless, useless! You're so weak! I can't wait to taste your blood! There's no hope of victory for you! No hope at all!"
— Red's arrogant nature

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Red Orlock
Red Orlock

The Blood-Soaked Bat


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November 8th

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Red (Vampire)

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Red Orlock is a member of Dragon's Tooth, serving as its scout. Red is a member of a new generation of Vampires, and is one of the youngest amongst them. However, he inherited the blood and power of many of his kinsman, as well as undergoing various experiments, giving him access to powerful and unique abilities.


As a Vampire, Red does have several of their stereotypical looks, and overall gives the feel of a Vampire. He possesses pale skin, and pale blue eyes (red when utilizing his Vampire powers). His black hair sticks straight up, with two mounds of hair sticking towards the back of his head, and one thick strand of hair in between his eyes. He dresses in a black suit in normal circumstances, complete with a dress coat, white button up shirt, white and black loafers, and a yellow scarf. From time to time he has also been seen donning a brown cloak. His ordinary smile does not show off his sharpened canines, but when engaging in combat, or excited, his fangs come out and his eyes turn red. All of this is contained in his lean build, hiding his massive reserves of power.


Red is one of the most arrogant and annoying people to ever step foot on earth. His peers despise him, even the other members of Dragon's Tooth, due to his arrogant and loudmouthed behavior. Despite not exactly even feeling anything from it, he still enjoys to bed beautiful woman, just to prove that he can, and rarely ever fights seriously in combat. Even when on the losing end of a match, Red will still maintain his overconfidence, and continue to trash talk his opponent. He often boasts that he is a part of the new generation of Vampire, a title given to the Vampires augmented by the Magic Council. The only one who seems to be able to handle Red's personality is Aether Cade, who sees potential in him.


Red was kidnapped from a Vampire hive upon birth by the Magic Council, hoping to create a new brand of Vampire superior to the older generation and under their control. He was born a defect, possessing a natural resistance to sunlight from birth, allowing him to maintain the facade of being human, while still feeding on them at night. The Magic Council heavily experimented on him, and taught him magics to make him virtually undetectable. His upbringing gave him a superiority complex, believing he was stronger than any other individual, Vampire or human, to ever live. He was specifically designed to kill other Vampires.

Magic and Abilities

Sound Magic: Red primarily uses this magic in combat. Unlike Victor Crassus, who specifically needs to be in his Full-Vampire Form to utilize this magic, Red can use it at his leisure, regardless of what level of power he's using. Red can use this magic for powerful ranged and close combat spells. He can use sound for a multitude of purposes, having complete control over it. The sound that Red can manipulate creates powerful shockwaves, capable of rattling and rupturing the internal structure of the target. This can be done with either ranged attacks or physical ones, the latter of which is more effective. Sound can be blasted from any part of Red's body, but his preferred locations are his arms, legs, and mouth. He can also increase his speed using this magic, allowing him to propel himself great distances, or change trajectory in mid-flight. He can actually use this magic to break the sound barrier, and manipulate sound waves in order for him to achieve flight. Red's most helpful ability however, is his ability to remove sound from any given location, making his opponents unable to hear him whatsoever. Unfortunately, Red is also affected by this magic's soundproofing, but his other sensory abilities make up for his lack of hearing. He refers to these locations as "Mute Pockets". This technique can also be used to cancel out other Sound Magic users' spells, either dampening their sound or outright destroying them. From learning this magic, Red's body essentially became a semipermeable resonance chamber. This means that his body can allow sound waves to travel through his skin, but then they bounce around inside his body without exiting, increasing in power before Red releases them himself. All this without any harm coming to his own person. Of course, Red can also manipulate the frequency and pitch of his sound, allowing for high versatility.

  • Echolocation: Red is capable of using this ability through his Sound Magic. Every minuscule sound that Red makes causes a wave of sound to travel from his body, mapping out the location for him. This makes him an effective fighter, even when blindfolded. Due to the passive nature of this spell, Red can use this spell without expending practically any of his magical energy. Red is also incapable of using this ability in an area he's removed the sound from.
  • Forte: Red uses sound waves to vibrate his body, increasing his overall strength and striking power. He can either use it on his entire body, or selectively on certain limbs. As an added benefit, anything that Red attacks while using this spell vibrates as well, shattering objects, and injuring opponents. This essentially makes his physical attacks unstoppable to most foes, as if they attempt to block, they'll simply have their body vibrated. This technique can also be used to increase speed by channeling it through the legs, and jumping off of objects.
  • Screech: This spell is similar in execution and appearance to a Dragon's Roar, however it lacks the same ability to a Dragon Slayer's ability to harm Dragons. But what it lacks in the same abilities, it more than makes up for in its own unique properties. Red first inhales deeply, inhaling all the sound in an area and making a Mute Pocket. The range of this spell's muting is dependent on how long Red inhales. However, Red does not need to send the blast of sound out of his mouth right away. Any additional sounds made while in his Mute Pocket, or in more accurate words, sounds that would've been made, are immediately absorbed into his body. The more sound that Red absorbs, the more powerful this spell becomes. Red then blasts his opponent with the sound, which has size and strength proportionate to the noise that would've been made in the Mute Pocket. In base, this spell is just as powerful as any other one of Red's Sound Magic blasts, but its strength will be drastically increased with each sound made by anything in the area. In order for Red to store the power of this spell, however, he can't open his mouth, or else all the sound will be released. When he unleashes this spell, all the sound that had been absorbed in the area will be heard all at once as well, which helps to further dull one's sense of hearing.
  • Frequency: Another Sound Magic spell that Red uses as a supplement, discombobulating and confusing foes. Red opens his mouth, sending out a high pitched screech to harm foes. This screech, however, is in a frequency that humans cannot hear, and, as such, will not normally attempt to avoid it. The pitch, however, is incredibly high, causing anyone in range of the spell to clutch their in ears in pain, and possibly even rupture the ear drum if someone is subjected to this spell long enough. However, this technique is directional, and Red must have his mouth facing his opponent as he's screeching in order for them to be affected.

Shadow Magic: Red is also capable of utilizing this magic for great offensive, supportive, and defensive capabilities. Red is capable of forming shadows from his body in order to lacerate or ensnare people or objects. They can easily cut through steel, and even titanium. They are incredibly sturdy as well, capable of defending against swords and magical attacks with no issues, and can handle an immense amount of weight. They can even replace the columns in a building to hold it up. Other than this, They are especially effective against Light and Darkness-based spells and abilities, absorbing them into them to make them even more powerful. Red is also capable of merging with his shadows in order to enter a shadow form. In this state, Red is intangible to all non-Shadow magic users, but he needs to solidify in order to attack. He can use his shadow form to assault any other Shadow Magic user who is a shadow form however, pulling them out of it in order to deal serious physical damage. In his shadow form, Red's senses are drastically enhanced, allowing him to counteract Sleep Magic, and give him enhanced perception of his surroundings. Red also does not need to be in contact with his shadows in order to manipulate them. When utilizing the full power of his Vampire heritage, his shadows appear red and black, and increase greatly in strength, allowing him to even cut through Adamantine.

  • Sun Umbrella: Red covers his entire body in his shadows. As Red's shadows absorb light, they prevent sunlight from touching his body, and enhancing his physical capabilities when fighting during the day. As his shadows absorbing light makes them more powerful, this also gradually increases Red's physical prowess overtime, making this an incredibly effective spell, and turning a disadvantage into a great advantage. Red can also voluntarily increase the density of his shadows to make his body almost invincible to blunt or serrated damage, and by creating more shadows, can form weapons and spikes to attack unsuspecting enemies.
  • Black Coffin: A spell not unlike that of the the Doomkaiser Family's Black Sarcophagus. Red ensnares and encompasses his target in a cocoon made from shadows. The cocoon gives no leverage, making it difficult for one to free themselves. It is also rather thick, making piercing through it difficult as well. Red has noted that the average sword cannot pierce it (when describing the average sword he means magic swords that don't have other specialized properties). This spell is most dangerous in one on one combat, as there is no one to free the target. Even those who use elemental body techniques will still be stuck inside the coffin.  The shadows that make up the cocoon are also so dense that it is impossible for someone to simply shrug off the technique.  Alternatively, Red can also use this spell to have an effect similarly to iron maiden, having it produce spikes from the inside.
  • Doppelgänger: A highly effective Shadow Magic spell, and one of Red's favored moves. Red forms his shadows into a human shape, matching Red in appearance, with the exception of it's darker shade in color. The clone doesn't have the same magical capabilities as Red, but it still possesses the same level of skill in Shadow Magic. As a matter of fact, as the Doppelgänger is made completely from shadows, its skill in the art is possibly even more effective. It also has the same level of physical power and skill in armed and unarmed combat, but its body is more fragile due to its makeup. The clone responds to Red's will, doing everything he wants to do on a subconscious level, meaning that Red barely even needs to attempt to control the clone in order for it to fight effectively. Red can also create more than one Doppelgänger at a time, but with their power is divided among them.

Vampire Magic: A rare, and difficult to master magic for humans, but a natural ability for Vampires.  This magic allows Red to momentarily overwhelm his opponent's magical abilities, and control or paralyze their body.  By pointing his hand at his opponent, making a claw like motion with his index and middle fingers and thumb, Red can initiate his hold, stopping his opponent in their tracks with this ability.  Red can throw his opponent around without any problems, actually laughing as he does so.  The greater the skill of the user of this magic, the stronger the hold, and Red's is considered to have one of the strongest holds of the current generation of this magic's users.  This magic works by giving his opponent his own magical energy, putting his target under excruciating pain throughout their whole body (but mostly in the neck area).  This energy remains in the opponent's body, unless they recognize the problem and expel the magic from their body, either through using a spell utilizing the energy or through directly purging it from there body.  As long as the energy is still in their body, however, Red can track his opponent's regardless of stealth capabilites, hunting them until they're defeated.  This magic is not without its weaknesses, however.  After utilizng this magic once, it requires a thirty second cooldown period before he can do it again.  If his opponent manages to break his hold, then this time is increased to a minute.

Sleep Magic: Another ability that Red naturally has due to his Vampiric heritage. By merely exerting his magical power, his magic does what you'd expect, cause someone to near instantly fall asleep. The power of this technique, however, relies on many factors. This magic is the most effective on those of weak physical strength, lack of strong willpower, and little to no magic power. Those who have all three of these things in spades, however, are completely unaffected by Sleep Magic. Those who only possess some of these qualities, or otherwise have them in lower levels, they feel drowsy, making them slower in their movements, and making it more difficult to fight. If someone were to lose willpower, magic power, or lose overall stamina during a fight with Red, they can begin to become more and more susceptible to this skill. Red generally uses this magic for hunting, taking out his target so that they will be unable to resist him

Memory Control: Red learned the art of Memory Control in order to control others and act according to his will. By changing someone's memory, Red is able to essentially make them his slave. He can implant or edit memories, looking into his target's mind as he does so, and implant orders and other directives that must be accomplished as long as his influence remains. Of course, Red can also wipe memories entirely, causing them to forget he, or someone else ever even existed, and cause them to forget skills and other information. This magic is initiated by pointing his finger in the area between his target's eyes. This magic, despite it's great utility, is not perfect. Someone else with Memory Control can overturn Red's edits to one's memories. He is also incapable of changing the memories of another user of Memory Control or Telepathy. Due to his own personality and the specific capabilities of this magic, Red does not often use this magic in direct combat.

Transformation Magic: One of Red's trademark skills. Red is an advanced-level user of this magic, capable of transforming into various creatures, each one possessing unique abilities and techniques. He can also utilize the lower levels of Transformation Magic in order to simply take on someone's appearance, clothes included. Upon transforming, Red completely takes on the traits of whatever creature he is taking on. Regardless of what form he takes, Red is capable of communicating with human speech, but can also speak with whatever animal he's taken on the appearance of. Red also has access to all of his normal magics and physical capabilities in each of his different Transformations.

  • Wolf Form: Red transforms into a large wolf, twice as large and as strong as an average one. In this form, Red is incredibly fast and agile, capable of jumping across falling stones over a large expanse to safety, and jumping around incoming assaults at a rapid pace. This form also has immense jaw strength, much more than the average wolf or even in his normal state. It is capable of cleanly biting a person's arm off, and crushing steel in its jaws. Due to its fur coat, the form is also virtually immune to all manners of cold-based attacks.
  • Bat Form: A form that Red uses for reconnaissance and travel, as opposed to combat. In this form, Red is a small vampire bat, capable of flying at exceptionally high speeds. Due to its small size and aerial maneuverability, Red is capable of easily dodging attacks. Red is also capable of still drinking blood in this form, but instead of drinking blood through his fangs, his scrapes off some skin before sticking an elongated tongue into the arteries in order to feast, producing an enzyme that prevents his victim from clotting properly and continue to bleed.
  • Mist Form: The only one of Red's transformations that are not an animalistic ability. Instead, Red transforms into a gaseous state, with Red being able to completely maneuver his cloud form according to his will. However, it's only ability is to remain intangible, allowing him to phase through any object. Red can use this form to harm ghosts or other intangible foes, but otherwise he'd need to solidify in order to attack. He can also be influenced by wind, being blasted away by powerful Wind Magic spells, and be forced to reconstitute into his normal state.
  • Full-Vampire Form: The strongest of Red's transformations. It is essentially an evolution of Red's normal, vampiric powers. Red takes on the appearance of a large, humanoid bat, complete with wings and pointed ears. With his wings, Red now becomes capable of high speed flight, which is soundless due to assistance from his Sound Magic. Red's physical capabilities drastically increase, as well as his vampiric senses becoming much more acute. Red's claws from his standard vampire form also change. Instead of having the standard retractable ones, Red's claws are always present. They now appear to be half of his finger, being much more durable and strong than his standard claws. On top of this, his regenerative capabilities also gets a huge boost, with him now being able to recover from normally grievous wounds near-instantly. Also, his magic power increases, allowing him to utilize more powerful variations of his other spells. This is his strongest form, and one he only uses when serious or as a last resort.

Vampire Physiology: Needless to say, Red is a Vampire, and as such, possesses all of the physical abilities of one. Red is several times stronger than a normal human, as well as possessing several evolutionary advantages over them. Red is only capable of eating human blood, and must regularly ingest it to keep at full power. In order to feed, Red normally receives blood from donations, or personally executes death row inmates. The more blood that he's consumed, and the more recently it was, the stronger Red will be in the long run. Red is also a Vampire considered a defect, meaning he possesses physical traits and abilities most vampires do not possess. In his case, Red was born resistant to sunlight, unlike many other Vampires who only gain this ability after reaching the age of fifty. This allows him to fight in the day, but is still weakened by it, and can only reach his full potential at night. The only way to effectively kill Red is to either decapitate him, or stab him completely through the heart. Red also underwent several experiments, granting him many different abilities and enhancing his already present ones. When fighting seriously, Red's blue eyes turn red, showing off his Vampiric heritage.

  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Red possesses an impressive healing factor, even by vampiric standards. Red can instantly recover from most wounds, no matter how grievous they may appear. He can even regrow lost limbs or other appendages. However, although his wounds heal, his stamina and magical energy does not replenish. He still does have incredible endurance, however, making him capable of utilizing this ability to its full potential. He will often withstand any physical attacks, and break his own body in order to gain an advantage in combat or escape from traps. Red will also allow his opponent to strike him multiple times, only to heal from the assault and show how insignificant his opponent's attacks are.
  • Retractable Fangs: Red possesses retractable fangs hidden behind his canines. These fangs are easily capable of biting through flesh, and are the primary method that Red uses to feed. Red's jaw strength is also great, allowing him to hold down enemies with just his mouth before even beginning to drink their blood. Through biting, Red is also capable of using his fangs to transform humans into Vampires by injecting his own blood into them, taking 48 hours to transform into a new vampire.
  • Retractable Claws: Similarly to his fangs, Red also possesses razor-sharp claws underneath his fingernails. The claws come out from the area behind his fingernails, covering his regular nails. They pierce through his skin, and the wounds that the nails make immediately heal after he retracts them. These claws are generally used to grab onto and hold down his victims as he feeds on them. These claws are just as sharp as his fangs. By using hand chops, Red is actually even capable of completely severing a man's leg.
  • Enhanced Smell: Red possesses a sense of smell several times stronger than ordinary humans. It's akin to a dog's, allowing him to track down individuals over long distances. He can discern how many people were living in a town, and each of their blood types from just one sniff. He can even discern the different aspects of people, being able to smell adrenaline, perspiration, and many other chemical changes in the body from just inhaling. He has the best sense of smell out of all the members of Dragon's Tooth.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Red also possesses a highly acute sense of hearing. It is far superior to a normal human's, and is the realm of animals in terms of capabilities. As he's a user of Sound Magic, his hearing is actually superior to normal Vampires. He can discern the exact location of an individual through their footfalls, hear the breaths that they take, and even the hear someone's heartbeat. Through heartbeat, Red is capable of recognizing any individual.
  • Night Vision: Vampires are nocturnal creatures, and as such, have impeccable night vision. Red is no exception to this rule, possessing highly acute sight, allowing him to see in near to total darkness. Red can also turn off his night vision at will, allowing him to avoid ocular damage during the day, or when a flash bang suddenly goes off in the dark.

Enhanced Sensory Capabilities: Despite possessing immensely powerful senses and other tracking abilities, Red's ability to sense opposition does not stop there. Due to various experiments, Red possesses thousands of microscopic hairs on his body, that react to changes in wind pressure. This allows him to essentially feel every movement of his opponent, and react accordingly to them. Red's sensory abilities with these hairs is so advanced that many mistake it for a sort of sixth sense, or telepathy. This, coupled with his immense speed and reflexes, allows for an almost unstoppable combination.

Perfect Equilibrium: Red is capable of balancing on any object, no matter how narrow or dangerous. He can stand atop his own shadows in a thin state, jump on top of a sword while dodging, do a hand stand on a broadsword that's being swung, and stop atop a thin, metal spike using both of his feet. His sense of balance is so advanced, that he is almost incapable of being knocked over, and can tell up from down no matter how fast he's moving and in what direction his head is.

Scentless: Red possesses no natural odor. Even when greatly perspiring, Red still possesses no scent. This is another product of experimentation, with the specific purpose of making him untraceable via the sense of scent. This allows him to get the drop on Dragon Slayers, and even other Vampires, as well as sneak past locations with animals that rely on scent to track prey.

Poison Immunity: Red, from constantly applying Pyrane poison onto his skin and into his bloodstream, has a high tolerance and borderline immunity to any poison. He is immune to Pyrane poison, the toxic material that his Kunai and Chains are made from, but this allows him greater resistance to other forms of poison as well. He can inhale large quantities of toxic gas without any side effects (sometimes even intentionally choosing to clear all the gas in an area by breathing it in), and has high resistance to poison-based magics. This even includes magics utilized by Slayers.

Master Swordsmanship: Red's primary weapon in combat is his sword. Red is a master swordsman, capable of cutting hundreds of small projectiles and light beams using his speed and skill. He can go toe to toe with various other masters of swordsmanship, including Aether Cade, a proficient user of two-sword style. He specializes in one-handed swordsmanship, using this skill as a great asset in combat.

Master Chain Specialist: Red's second weapon of choice is his kunai and chains, which he wields with great proficiency. This allows him to engage opponents efficiently in mid-range combat. He shows tremendous skill in controlling this weapon. He can use it to either defeat opponents by striking them directly with the blade, or ensnaring them with the chain itself and then smashing them around. His control over the weapon is very noticeable, as he can change the trajectory of the weapon in midair with minimal movements. This is even more impressive considering the difficulty in wielding such an unruly weapon. Red can even use his weapon as a method of travel, sending the spike into a wall or the ceiling, and swinging from it. When simply trying to impale his target, he merely uses it in a manner similarly to a rope dart. This can be used to either directly impale, or slash his target.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Despite his proficiency in the usage of weapons, Red still displays favoritism in hand to hand combat. He specializes in kicks, appearing reminiscent to kickboxing or savate style, as well as the kicking aspects of various other martial arts. Using these kicks, Red is still capable of matching any other unarmed combatant in battle, even the likes of Aether Cade, who is also a skilled hand to hand combatant, and easily outmatch Jayla Lucis and Crash. His general stance is rather lax, and he has his arms crossed in front of him, or behind him, in regular circumstances. Despite his skill in kicks, Red still is effective in using his hands, he just prefers to reserve their usage for his weapons. He generally uses his arms for blocking attacks, and uses his hands for grappling and chopping motions, generally aimed at vital areas. He'll also occasionally use headbutts.

Immense Strength: As a vampire, Red's strength is naturally ten times stronger than that of a normal human. Even by Vampire standards, Red has an immense amount of physical strength. He was strong enough to knock out Crash with one hand chop to the back of the neck, and overpower someone as physically strong as Victor Crassus with little to no difficulty (even when Victor was using his Monster Soul forms). His physical strength was even enough to match Aether Cade while the latter was in his base state. When using his Pyrane Kunai and Chains, he can even wrap them around his target and pull them apart. Red often uses his immense strength in conjunction with his regeneration, punching so hard that his own body is damaged, but his target is damaged far greater than any recoil he could suffer.

Immense Speed: One of Red's most valuable assets is his speed. His speed and reflexes are naturally ten times greater than a human, but has since trained his body to reach immense speeds. Red can move so fast that he can easily break the sound barrier, creating sonic booms and surrounding his body in a mach cone. With assistance from his Sound Magic, he can also increase his speed even further, with his body only making a high-pitched whistling sound. He can beat High Speed, Lightning Magic, and Light Magic users in a footrace, and even run backwards with enough speed to match the high speed of Victor Crassus' Lycanthrope form, and dodge every one of his attacks. He was fast enough to easily get the jump on Crash, dodge Light Magic attacks from Jayla Lucis, and match Aether Cade in speed while the latter was in his base form.

Immense Durability: On top of possessing immense speed and strength that are much greater than a human's, Red's body is just as durable as well. Conventional human weapons can't even pierce his skin, with it being compared to steel. As a matter of fact, his body is actually harder than steel, with weapons of said grade and weaker shattering upon making contact with his body. Even Adamantine weapons can't pierce all the way through his body, often stopping on his immensely hardened bones.

Immense Endurance: Red can handle insane amounts of punishment, seemingly reveling in the idea of some individuals actually managing to harm him. This is likely related to his regenerative capabilities. He can withstand multiple wounds to his body from all directions, someone directly piercing his brain, multiple Dragon Force enhanced attacks from Aether Cade, and even Crash Magic. Occasionally he'll even allow an opponent to strike him multiple times, only to show the lack of lasting damage they did and demoralize them. On top of this, Red can also handle much self-inflicted punishment, such as slitting his own wrists to bleed on his Vampire Blade, and breaking his own body to get a combat advantage or from hitting his opponent without any restraint, another testament to his immense stamina.

Immense Magic Power: Red is the second strongest member of Dragon's Tooth, only being weaker than Aether himself. On top of being born with immense reserves of magic power, Red has underwent extensive experimentation, gaining much more power, as well as extensively training. Red was capable of fighting evenly with Aether Cade while both were in their base forms. He also easily bested both Jayla Lucis and Crash, who are also both immensely powerful members of Dragon's Tooth, with minimal difficulty. His magic power is impressive by Vampire standards, especially considering the fact that he's only 23, which is very young by Vampire standards. Red also has incredible magical control, allowing him to focus his magical energy into specific limbs, and use the minimum amount of magical power for the maximum effect of a spell of magic. When exerting his magic power, his aura is colored crimson. It is so powerful that it actually increases the power of Red's physical attacks, and can be concentrated onto his body parts or weapons in order to drastically increase their power.

  • Undetectable Magical Signature: Due to experimentation, Red's magical energy, despite appearing very vibrant in its appearance, can not be felt by any individual. This often can cause people to underestimate his power, giving him the edge in combat. On top of this, his opponent's won't be able to sense the amount of magic power he's used, or has left. Even those with magics designed to see magic power are unable to see Red's. At the same time, this ability can work offensively, as Red's own spells do not give off any magical signature as well. His opponent's will need to rely on their physical senses, as this ability completely nullifies any magical sensory abilities that attempt to track him. Red often jokes that you can't sense the magic of the dead.
  • Corruptive Magic Origin: Red's magic power also has another ability, gifted to him by experimentation. Any and all spells that enter his body are immediately broken down and destroyed. This doesn't mean that he can't be injured by magical attacks, but any that attempt to infuse their magical energy into his body will almost immediately be destroyed. This gives him a natural defense against other users of Vampire and Sleep Magic, as well as various other spells and magics. This even includes magics that take on a specific elemental property, such as Poison Magic. If someone attempts to enter his body using a certain magic, such as elemental body techniques or density shifting, the person in question will die from exposure to Red's magic origin. The amount of time it takes a spell to break down is dependent on the amount of magic power behind the spell. The more energy put behind the spell, the longer it takes to break down. The spell will affect him until it is broken down, but this usually does not take that long. Red's magic even recognizes foreign sources of energy that are supposed to mimic his own magic power, acting somewhat similar to antibodies. Red's magic origin itself is the corruptive part, so his spells do not possess the same corruptive properties as the origin.


Vampire Blade: The primary weapon of Red. The blade is made from a material known as Blood Stone. This metal has the unique ability of absorbing any and all blood that touches it, becoming harder and stronger as a result. At its worst, it is stronger than steel, and at its best it can easily cut through Adamantine. As Red can regenerate, he can cut himself to give the sword his own blood, giving it an almost endless supply of blood to absorb. However, it has different properties when directly touching a Vampire. The blood it absorbed is transferred into the Vampire. This allows Red to increase his power and rapidly heal wounds. However, he can feel sick if the blood didn't come from only humans. When he absorbs the blood from the blade, it resets its hardness level back to steel. However, this only affects a Vampire when Red wishes for the blood to be absorbed, so he can still cut through a Vampire using his blade without worrying about them absorbing the blood from the blade.

Pyrane Kunai and Chains: Red's secondary weapon is a pair kunai and chains that he keeps hidden inside his sleeves. He possesses one kunai and chain in each of his sleeves. The weapons are golden in color, made from a powerful metal known as Pyrane, which secretes an acid strong enough to burn skin or any other organic material, when it makes contact with it. The chains are also immensely durable, capable of restraining something as physically powerful as a wyvern, or piercing through Adamantine defenses. Red displays great abilities with a weapon so unruly.

Black Steel Armor: After becoming a Rune Knight, the Magic Council equipped Red, along with the rest of Dragon's Tooth, with cutting edge Black Steel armor. It is just as dense and heat resistant as Aether Cade's Black Steel blade Sekhmet, as well as providing an effective defense against magical attacks. This also grants Red a powerful physical defense without the aid of his own magic. He can also stream his magic through the armor in order to vibrate his opponents' body with Sound Magic. In general, Red only wears this armor when on missions.


Red's first name is a reference to Patrick Redfield, the main antagonist of the One Piece game Unlimited World: Red. It is also a reference to the color of mammal blood.

Count Orlok is the main antagonist of the German film Nosferatu, and the character from which Red derives his surname.

Red's appearance is based off of Grimsley from the Pokemon franchise.

Red's personality is somewhat based off of Dio Brando's from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

  • Red was initially planned to be less of an asshole.

Red's birthday of November 8th is the same day as Bram Stoker's, the author of Dracula.

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