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"All right! Lets heat things up"
— Reed after a guild brawl started

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Reed Yuriko

リード ユリコ,


Riido Yuriko




Male Male






May 17

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Blue

Professional Status

2. Warrior Angel Guild MarkWarrior Angel Guild

Guild Mark Location

Right Forearm




Team Warrior Angel


Hino Sontara
Kana Hime
Esca Merle

Base of Operations

Warrior Angel Guild Hall

Personal Status



Unnamed Mother (Unknown)
Rex Yuriko (Father) (Deceased)


Fire Magic

Reed Yuriko (リード ユリコ, Riido Yuriko) is a Fire-Make wizard and a power house of the Warrior Angel Guild. He is the son of a once great wizard Rex Yuriko before he died saving his life. He is a powerful wizard who has been apart of the guild for a while and is one of the members who aim to be the strongest. He is apart of Team Warrior Angel and one of the main protagonist.


Reed has dark blue eyes and wears a red toque with a rectangular tag on the right bottom side with black hair sticking out in the back. it is a mystery of what his hair is actually like because always hides it under some sort of hat ever since he was a child.  

He wears a dark grey jacket with black around the shoulders with a red T-shirt with black stripes underneath, he wears a gold bracelet with a ruby on it on his right wrist but its underneath his sleeve so we don't see it often with his red guild mark on his right forearm just inches below the bracelet. He wears brown paints that is tucked underneath his boots, he sometimes wear other close but he is mostly seen with these. 


Infamous evil delsin rowe by themaestronoob-d7cu9kw

Reed's rage

Reed is calm and hot headed, he is always excited for a fight and will take on anyone who challenges him, but when he isn't fighting he likes to kick back and relax. He enjoys fighting in guild brawls and challenging his allies to matches to test his strength in the arena. Despite his love for fighting, he is a loyal member of the Warrior Angel Guild and treats everyone as his family. He doesn't have a rival and he rarely gets into an argument with anyone unless their asking for it. He is easily angered when someone harms his guild members badly or something else that puts him over the edge in which case his eyes will burn with furiousness and will lose all sense of himself and rush towards the person responsible, unless someone stops him physically. He has a huge pride in battle for he prefers his battle one on one and beat up the people who intervene, however if he is given no choice he will work with his teammates. Reed has a personal goal to be the beat Maker Magic Users and Fire Users and will want to challenge one when ever he meets one.

Reed aims to be the strongest wizard in the guild just like everyone else but he feels he should be able to beat Zanto Shima and Esca Merle before he can achieve that. He doesn't underestimate his opponents and fights them at full power. While in the guild he enjoys watching his guild mates battle to test their strengths in the arena and will often watch them along side Kana Hime. While on the battle field he will watch his allies fight in their one on one battles and not intervene but should anyone cheat or interrupt their fights Reed will not hesitate to get pay back. Reed has a habit of sometimes saying fire talk when ever he gets the chance.

Reed wants to live his life for his fathers sake to make him proud of the man he grew up into and hopes to be as great as he once was.

When Reed was child he was a frail but adventurous little boy who always cried when he had small injuries or when things get to tough for him to handle, he would then run to his father to make things better.


When Reed was born his mother disappeared without a trace, leaving him to be raised by his father Rex Yuriko.
Reed kid

Young Reed

Reed spent 8 years in a city port on the edge of Fiore called Lagoon Bay and was raised there by his father. Reed was a energetic and cheerful kid who does adventurous activities throughout the city with his friends, however Reed was also a cowardly child, afraid to do anything scary. Reed is also apart of a group with his friends, their names were Tanner Maric, Kokuro, Shina, and Alec, all of them grew up together and do everything together. Their adventurous activities have cause many trouble to the citizens and guards of the city and anger them to the point of chasing them down but after that they cant help but laugh at what they did but would still get in trouble for their actions. Out of everyone in the group Reed was always the one scared to do anything frightening but would still follow Tanner, the leader of the group.

Everyone acknowledges Rex as a great wizard including Reed who looks up to him as his hero, although he has no clue how special of a wizard he is, all he knows is that his father is a great wizard who protects the citizens of Lagoon Bay. Even most of the governors can't help but admire Rex's abilities, except for one man. Whenever Reed faces a frightening moment or gets into danger he always calls out to his father to help him and Rex always appears out of no where to save him. He and his father will often argue about the little things which always leads to a small fight, but afterwards Rex makes it up by taking Reed to the tallest point in the city and watch the sunset together which amazed him to no end. While up at the tallest point Reed asks about Rex's times as a wizard and the adventures he made, Rex tells him the amazing stories but then says there have been places he has yet to vist, at which point Reed makes a goal to travel everywhere his father has not been to yet and to be a greater wizard then he ever was. Rex laughs and jokes about his goals which leads to a mini argument.

One day Reed and his friends went out to play and Tanner had the idea to pull a prank on the guards and headed over to one of the guards stationed somewhere nearby. When they arrived at one of the stationed guards, Tanner gave the signal to pull the prank and charged at the guards, causing their attention towards them. However all of a sudden one of the guards was stabbed in the back by a bunch of magic soldiers. Reed and his friends froze in place as he watched the troops get slaughtered right in front of their eyes. Reed and his friends were shocked in fear as they also felt explosions coming from other parts of the city, all where stationed troops were held.

Reed and his friends look on in surprise and looked back at the soldiers, seeing they have been spotted. Tanner was frightened and ordered his friends to run but Reed was to frighten to move so Tanner went back and grabbed him and pulled him. As they were running the soldiers started chasing and firing at them with their magic staffs despite them missing. As they were running they looked around and noticed more magic soldiers in every corner attacking civilians and guards still alive. Reed wanted to help them but was to scared to, and it wouldn't get rid of the soldiers behind him, all he could do was run for his life with his friends ahead of him, however Reed accidentally tripped and collided with the others, in the moment they became surrounded and was unable to escape. Tanner quickly got up and manged to fight back with the tools of their pranks and the others followed not including Reed, but it was only a matter of time before they were all captured. Reed called out to his father, hoping he would show up to save him. Then all of a sudden the man holding onto him was sent flying and Rex appeared. Reed was surprised yet glad that his father came to rescue him. Rex ordered him and his friends to leave and find somewhere safe to hide for the moment and then leave the city, but Tanner and his friends refused to leave their home city, and Reed didnt want to leave his father behind. Rex got angry and ordered them to leave while he stays behind and protects the city. Tanner didn't like the idea but went along with it anyways and the others followed. Reed didn't't move for he was to busy crying of the idea of leaving his father behind. Rex approached him and was able to cheer him up and Reed went with the others and Rex ran towards the city hall.

While running Reed and his friends could feel the explosions of fighting and that's when Reed stopped running thinking he has to do something to help his father. The others thought they should run away but Reed started running back which made the others follow. As they were running back Reed found a wounded guard and tried to help him but the others didn't think that was a good idea, then out of no where a magic soldier appeared. Reed was frozen still, to afraid to make a move. Then Tanner and his other friends got between them to protect Reed and tried to fend off the solider but was blown away with little effort. Reed looked at the soldier in fear unable to make a move. They were then surrounded by more magic soldiers and eventually captured.

They were taken to a wide open area of the city with a stadium. They were tied up and surrounded by soldiers as they approached the stadium. Citizens from all over the city were gathered to the open area gazing at the children in fear. A man appeared out of the city hall building by the name of Grimjore Calaway, one of the Governors of the city and announced that he is the one commanding this attack. Everyone was shocked to find out. He declared that he is now ruler of his city and that he will kill Reed and his friends as an example of his power. He gave the word to his soldiers and they readied their spears. Everyone was afraid even Reed who was more terrified then anyone. The soldiers swung their spears down and were moments away from executing Reed and his friends, until an explosion occurred behind them which ceased their action. Out from the smoke Rex appeared knocking out the soldiers around Reed and his friends and freeing them from their cuffs. Everyone cheered for joy at his arrival. Rex began his assault and started attacking the soldiers in his way making a path for Reed and his friends so they would escape. Reed and his friends were amazed at seeing Rex in action as their hopes returned, however there were too many soldiers to face that Rex was about to be over powered and they managed to recapture Reed and the others. Grimjore ceased the action and tried to make Rex surrender or else he will continue the attack, Rex agreed on one condition, a life for a life: Rex agreed to surrender only if his son and his friends would be released and unharmed. Grimjore agreed to his terms and released Reed and his friends, who ran as far as they could while still close enough to see, while his soldiers captured Rex. He was brought to the center of the stage exactly where Reed was when he was captured. Reed looked on with tears running down his eyes and everyone in the city looking on in fear. Grimjore used this execution as an example for anyone who defies his power and signaled his loyal soldiers Mavric and to deliver the killing blow. Before he was struck Reed cried out to him and Rex only glanced up at him and tell him not to be afraid and at that moment Rex was stuck and killed right before his eyes which made Reed collapse to the ground crying. Right after his fathers death Grimjore ordered his soldiers to hunt down Reed and his friends, never planing to honor his promise he made. Tanner became worried and told everyone to run, however a group of soldiers appeared in front of them, blocking their chance to escape. They were able to grab Tanner, Kokuro, Shina, and Alec but Reed was able to slip away. The soldiers were about grab him when all of a sudden explosions occurred all over the city. The explosions were coming from weak points of the city and locations of other remaining soldiers, making a clear path for Reed to escape from, they were apparently left by Rex before he came to save Reed and his friends. Reed managed to run away but froze when Tanner called out him begging him to help him and the others. Reed wondered what he should do, go back to help his friends or run away but he couldn't decide. The soldiers began to chased after him which made Reed panic and run away. Tanner and the others kept calling out to him but Reed just kept running as Tanner and the others were being dragged away. He managed to loss the soldiers and Reed left the city crying for everything that happened and the guilt of abandoning his friends.

He spent 3 years wondering around Fiore in search of finding a place to stay, however during his travels he encountered many dangerous terrain and wild animals and Reed was so scared all he could do was run away, but he was unable to escape completely unscathed.

One night he was traveling through the forest exhausted and bruised all over. As he was walking he seemed on the verge of collapsing and repeatedly saying "father" hoping that Rex would show to help him but no matter how many times he called to him, he never showed up, making him cry more and more. As he was moaning for his fathers death, Reed was paying attention to where he was going and accidentally bumped into a Forest Volcan. Reed ran away which made it chase him, until Reed tripped over a root sticking out of the ground and rolled into a giant tree, and the Volcan cornered him, making him unable to escape. Reed was terrified that he yelled out "father" hoping he could show up to save him. As the Volcan was about to smash Reed, he begged his father to save him. When the Volcan smashed his fist on him, fire began to ignite on his hand. When the smoke cleared fire was being released from Reeds body. The fire was powerful Reed had no control over it and burned over the entire area. The Volcan ran for its life as a forest fire started from his power, Reed was scared for he had no idea what to do as he was stranded in the center of a burning forest.

The next day he woke in the center of a withered forest that was burned away and Reed was somehow unscathed. As the days past his power continued to release itself and get out of control burning forests down to the ground. One day he continued walking and eventually came across a city called Deltra City. He wondered through the city fifthly and beat up worried of his uncontrollable power breaking out again. As he was walking to find help a small amount of his power was released as a kind of heat wave melting metal and stone around him. Everyone around him panic and ran away except for one girl named Esca Merle. She approached him and was somehow unaffected by the intense heat wave. The girl told him about a guild on the outskirts of the city that can help him with his situation and then ran away. Reed decided to follow what she said and tried to look for this guild.

After hours of searching Reed eventually came across the Warrior Angel Guild. He walked up to the master named Tristan Scalibur and pleaded to help him get rid of the uncontrollable power that he has. Tristan thought about it for a moment and informed him that this "power" he has is in fact Magic and instead of help to get rid of it Tristan offered him to help him learn to control this Magic. Reed was surprised to hear that but was to scared to learn magic, but Tristan inspired him saying if he's to scared to do anything he wont accomplish anything, these words inspired Reed and considered accepting his offer and became an honorable member of the guild as he learned how to control his magic.

Magic and Abilities

IMG 0456

Reed using his fire magic.

Fire Magic: Reeds side magic. He has complete mastery of fire and can conjure up fire at will. Despite it being his side magic his regular fire abilities are powerful and extremely hot capable of melting Zanto Shima's Ice Dragon Slayer Magic with ease. Reeds magic is powerful that when he was a child he had zero control of it and was capable of burning an entire forest to the ground until he was able to control it after joining the Warrior Angel Guild. His magic is fulled by his emotions allowing his flame's heat rise significantly as he get more enraged capable of causing monstrous damage to his environment. A sure sign of his power increasing is flames leaking out from his eyes and melts any metal he is holding

  • Fire Resistance: a fire users most basic defense, as a Fire Magic user, Reed is an individual resistant to heat and as such is able to take damage from fire and heat-based attacks without sustaining major injury and is either completely immune to fire based attacks or is more resilient to it than other people. Reed is also capable of wondering threw a desert while wearing 2 layers of close and his toque and not feel hot at all
  • Heat Wave: Reed unleashes a blast of heated air from his body at the target. The intense heat in the air weakens the target for a short time leaving them open to attack. The intense heat in the air is so strong all kinds of ice attacks are melted fast however if the powerful the ice is the longer it takes for the ice to melt.
  • Fire Blast: One of Reeds most powerful fire spell. He lights his hands on fire and shoots a giant blast of fire at the target. The blast could cause major damage to the target or cause several degree burns depending on how they took the blast
  • 50.4 Nova Burst

    Nova Burst

    Nova Burst: Reed has knowledge of this forbidden, extremely dangerous and powerful magic, and has expressed the certainty that he could use it, if he were forced to. To perform this spell Reed takes a stance with his legs far apart and his arms crossing, the right arm is above the left arm. The right palm facing down; left palm is facing up. Reed focuses all his magic energy into the center of his body and expel it in a great fiery explosion. Everything and everyone caught within the blast with be destroyed and burnt to ashes no matter who or what was caught in it. This spells power is to strong that there is no magic or spell in the world that can withstand or neutralize it, however with a powerful spell like this comes with a powerful draw back: If Reed uses this spell, he will sacrifice his own body to cause the explosion.

Fire-Make: A form of Maker Magic that allows the user to create fire at his will and to shape it into objects. In Reed's case, he uses both Static Fire-Make, and Active Fire-Make, meaning he can shape his fire into inanimate things or weapons, and into living creatures. Fire-Make is known as an extremely versatile form of Magic, coming in useful both in battle, for offensive and defensive purposes, and outside of it. Specializing in it and having been practicing it for years, Reed possesses extreme mastery over it, being capable of creating countless amounts of creations for a multitude of uses. Also, according to him, Fire-Make allows the user to produce virtually anything, granting the user an unmatched creation capability.  

  • Fire-Make: Sword: Reed cups his hands together and creates a sword made entirely out of fire for melee combat. The sword is very durable, being capable of cutting and parrying other weapons as if it were made of metal.. The sword can not only cut the target but burn them as well
    • Dual Swords: Reed creates two swords of fire in his hands and uses them to slash his targets.
  • Fire-Make: Battle Ax: Reed creates an axe out of fire for melee combat and swings it around him. The axe can also be used as a shield to protect himself from attacks. He can also throw it at the target with perfect aim.
  • Fire-Make: Hammer: Reed creates a fire hammer that floats above his opponent before dropping on them with great force. 
  • Fire-Make: Fire Tower: Reed cups his hands together and slams it into the ground. Once he does that he shoots his fire underground and makes it appear as a giant tower of fire rises from where he wants it to pop up.
  • Fire-Make: Shield: Reed creates a large shield made of fire in front of him, which shields everything behind it.
  • Fire-Make: Scattered Arrows: Reed cups his hands together and launches dozens of arrows made of fire thats swoops around in multiple directions and collides on the target all at once.
  • Fire-Make: Chain: Reed creates a chain made of fire with a small hook on the end. The chain can extend to however long he wants it to be and can be used for multiple uses
  • Fire-Make: Fire Wall: Reed blasts fire out of his hands and then a massive wall of fire appears in front of him protecting him from attacks while burning anyone who gets close to it
  • Fire-Make: Hook: Reed creates a fire from one of his hands and takes the shape of a hooked blade. The hook is capable of cutting his target.
  • Fire-Make: Fire Decoy: Reed creates fire in he shape of a person and gives colors to make it look like an exact copy himself. The copy then takes his place in the battle giving Reed time to attack. Once the copy is discovered to be a fake it could end up burning the target in the process
  • Fire-Make: Ring Of Fire: Reed creates a fire circle around his feet. He is then able to increase the flames to surround his entire body capable of protecting himself from close range attacks and escaping the targets view.
  • Fire-Make: Drilling Boost: Reed conjures fire on his hands in the shape of a half of a drill on his hands. he then charges at his target and collides both his hands together to connect the drill. Fire is then burst out of the drill boosting his speed making him collide with the target even faster while drilling them upon impact.
  • Fire-Make: Beast Claws: Reed's hands light on fire and takes the form of long, sharp claws. The claws are capable of cutting threw steel.
  • Fire wings

    Fire-Make Wings

    Fire-Make: Wings: Reed makes fire appear from his back in the shape of wings with a tail that can be used multiple ways. Not only can it help him fly but the wings can actually be used as shields, they can also be used to blast the target when he gets close to them. It is unclear if this spell is a status Fire-Make or active Fire-Make.
    • Flight: With the help of the wings Reed is able to fly at a super fast paste. He is a able to keep up with the Exceeds Spirit and Saber and still able to go faster.
  • Fire-Make: Exploding Fireflies: Reeds conjures fire from his hands and fires small glowing fire balls at the target. The glowing fire balls are actually fire flies that fly towards the target at incredible speed and explodes upon impact on them.
  • Fire-Make: 7 Beast Assault: One of Reeds signature attack. He creates seven different animals out of fire and all the animals have their own instincts that is similar to the real kinds. They all attack the target but all of them attack based on how the real animals attack their prey. He is able to create these animals separately not just all at once. Using this technique requires a lot of magic energy but Reed still uses it without worry or signs of exhaustion.
    • Serpent: A large snake made out of fire that slithers the ground towards its prey and waits for the right time to attack. Once the target lets down their guard or is distracted it attacks by wrapping itself around the target immobilizing them and bitting them some where on their body. Immobilizing them gives the other six animals a chance to attack the target all at once.
    • Ape: An Ape larger then Reeds entire body made out of fire that keeps it distance from the target then swoop in for a heavy attack with its arms. it has powerful strength to use the heavy attacks and is very agile as well.
    • Bull: A bull made out of fire that chargers at the target the second it is created. It not only relies on headbutts but will also stomp at the target as well. it can withstand most attacks before it can be defeated.
    • Wolf: the wisest of all the created animals. It stands by and studies the target as it watches the six other animals battle the target before jumping in itself. It will then pounce at the target once it sees an opening and strike with deadly accuracy.
    • Shark: A large shark made of fire. It flies threw the air and circles around the target and then attack them after the target is distracted by the bull
    • Tiger: A large tiger made of fire. It walks around the battlefield staring at the target waiting to attack them when the time is right.
  • Fire-Make: Wolf Pack: Reed blasts his target with fire and out of that fire blast a large number of wolves come running out of it. The wolves look exactly like regular wolves just made of fire, they are also about to sniff out their target and hunt them down. They treat the target as their prey and work together to attack the target.

Enhance Durability: Reed has also displayed tremendous durability during battle. Despite his many injuries in battle Reed is pushed to the point of exhaustion but still fights with full power. Even drained of magic energy Reed is still raring to fight despite the odds. He is capable of taking a hit from Zanto Shima and get sent flying across the guild hall and emerge unscathed.

Enhance Agility: Reed has shown on different occasions to be very fast and agile. He was capable of evading incoming magic attacks and manages to swoop in and take out the wizards before they were able to cast another spell.

Enhance Strength: Reed has proven himself to possess considerable physical strength, having been shown to shatter Zanto's Ice Magic with ease. He was also able to break threw a stone wall with a single punch and still have the momentum to punch the person behind with that same punch and knock him out.

Expert Weapon Specialist: Reed has displayed considerably great ability in wielding the weapons produced by his Fire-Make spells. He is very skilled in swordsmanship with his constructed fire swords of various forms and sizes, and is also more than capable of wielding other types of bladed weapons.

Expert Hand to Hand Combat: Reed possesses great skill in hand-to-hand combat. Capable of fighting a hole ground of wizards at once. He is even capable of blocking really fast attacks that are invisible to the eye and block everyone of them with easy and still manage to knock out the wizard with a fast punch. He often employs unarmed combat in conjunction with his Fire-Make spells to gain the upper hand in battle.

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