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Regis Imperium



Ō no Zasho


Holder Magic



"I, who am about to awaken, am the Heavenly King who embodies the principle of domination. Truly, I am one that holds each and every victory. I care not whom challenges me, be you the Son of Man, the Lord of Heaven or the Dreg of Hell. Tremble before my power as I sink you to the depths of the crimson purgatory!"
— Spell incantation

Regis Imperium (王の座所 Ō no Zasho "Lit"; Throne of the King) is a Holder Magic and an original spell of Requip.


It is Victor's ultimate spell, meant to to be used against powerful mages whos magic he has trouble combating. Instead of storing and summoning various magical items, like armors, weapons and various other tools, it involves ultizing humans, him and his enemies in particular. By coming in contact with his enemy, he can bring them to his pocket dimension. It requires an immense amount of magical energy  to be performed, which will almost completely drain him of his reserves. As such, it is a last resort. Also, his concentration must be at its peak while in the process of transfering human bodies into another dimension, which is far more complicated that them being inanimate objects; a single mistake could destroy everyone involved. Victor performs a routine where he spreads his right hand forwards and will chant an incantation to facilitate the summoning, by further strengthening his concentration and exerting as much magical energy as he possibly can.

Once it has been completed, the ground beneath him will begin to glow in a bright golden light, before it fills the vision of those present and manifests an open, barren desert, bathed in twilight from the extended horizon. All of the weapons he has stored inside will be anchored in the ground, like grave markers in a war-torn wasteland. He considers this world the embodiment of his noble spirit, filled with countless conquests and victories meant to bring about absolute despair in his enemies; the place where he will show them the ultimate power of a true king.

The deadliest aspect of Regis Imperium is that all forms of magic are incapable of being used by either party. They will be forced to rely entirely on their physical capabilities and can use the scattered weapons if they wish, although without any of the magical effects each may provide. It is because the artificial dimension is composed of a highly dense concentration of Ethernano used to keep it active and stable. Any magic used will simply begin to break down and become assimilated instantly due to the Zero-Point Treatment (零点処理 Reiten Shori). This is highly advantagous to Victor as he is a immensely powerful swordsman and martial artist, although if the opponent is stronger then it is equally as dangerous.

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