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Remote Transformation

Caster Magic


Bon Ni (The Artist)

Serry Shakesfidget (The Artist)

Remote Transformation is a rare type of Caster Magic, based on normal Transformation Magic. It allows its user to freely transform the surroundings without touching the target. Except appearance, the target's skills are modified or nullified, but the personality doesn't change.


As it's mentioned before, this magic allows the user to freely transfigurate objects, including living organisms. It's got a lot of various types and developments. The transformed objects lose their functionality and became passive, usually only used during battles. The way how to nullify the effects of this magic is unknown, but probably it's connected with strong will of the transformed person. Serry Shakesfidget doesn't fight hand-to-hand, because she uses her opponenets, which are transformed into art as her own army.  The transformed target often gains new abilities, for example the mage can transform his target into a musical instrument. In that case the caster can play the "human guitar" or a "human trumpet".


The Artist

This type of Remote Transformation allows the user to freely transform the chosen object, including living
  • Transformed room
  • Transformed humans
  • Transformed human
organism into an abstractive art. At first the user has to cumulate her energy and then it appears as a colourful cloud, usually coming out of the mages forehead. The caster throws the cloud at the target and the projectile explodes, causing a rainbow explosion of magical energy. After that, the appearance of the target changes. The target changes colours and properties. It looks like a chaotic, unstructured and abstractive art. Usually the object loses its functionality, for example a transformed knife cannot cut and be used as a knife anymore. The main spell is called Guerica and it's the simplest technique. But there are much powerful developments of this magic. 

The Puppeteer


  • The mage cannot transform the area, which surrounds him or her. Also, the power of the spell depends on the mage's magical power, that's why only the strongest mages can for example use this magic to transfigurate a building.
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